‘Delta Force’ and gas in the Hamas underground tunnels of Gaza

An undisclosed Arab source affiliated with the parties told Middle East Eye [cited also by Obektivno.bg] that Palestinians anticipate Israel to deploy nerve gas within Hamas tunnels, with US Delta Force commandos supervising the operation, presumably for a clandestine offensive on the Gaza Strip. 

Quiet night in Israel and Gaza achieved through Egypt
Photo credit: BBC

The report suggests that both Israel and the US intend to use an element of surprise as a strategic advantage, intending to infiltrate Hamas tunnels, secure an estimated 220 captives, and eliminate several thousand militants from Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades. 

Middle East Eye communicated that the particulars were allegedly divulged from the US side. Efforts to confirm this information independently were unsuccessful, as both the Pentagon and the White House did not respond when approached for comments. 

Israel struck Gaza, killing terrorists and a Hamas commander
Photo credit: AFP, Mahmud Hams

The source asserted

The source asserted, “The strategy relies heavily on the surprise factor, aiming for a decisive victory by employing gases that are globally outlawed, specifically nerve and chemical gases. Significant nerve gas quantities will be administered into the tunnels.” 

According to the shared details, the US military’s Delta Force will oversee the procedure of infusing significant volumes of nerve gas into the Hamas tunnels, capable of inducing bodily paralysis for approximately six to twelve hours.

This duration will allow the Israeli forces to venture within the tunnels, liberate the captives, and eradicate Hamas-affiliated Palestinians. 

Joe Biden’s photo

An unanticipated revelation of the Delta Force’s presence in Israel was made through an image posted on Instagram by President Biden’s media team.

It depicted the US president saluting four Delta Force personnel without their faces obscured. This led to a wave of reactions and the image was removed within an hour. Later, the White House acknowledged its misstep. 

'Delta Force' and gas in the Hamas underground tunnels of Gaza
Photo credit: Instagram screenshot

The Delta Force is a premier subset of the US Army’s Special Operations Forces that specialize in high-value target missions, counter-terrorism, and organized rescue of captives.

About 1st SFOD-D

The United States Army proudly hosts a distinctive special operations force known as The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta [1st SFOD-D], colloquially termed as Delta Force, Combat Applications Group [CAG], Army Compartmented Elements [ACE], or under the realm of the Joint Special Operations Command [JSOC] as Task Force Green.

This unit is commissioned directly under the strategic oversight of the JSOC with primary tasks consisting of counterterrorism, hostage liberation, direct action, and specialized reconnaissance, generally targeting high-value entities. 

The Delta Force, along with its comparable entities in the Navy, DEVGRU [SEAL Team Six], and the Air Force, the 24th Special Tactics Squadron, form the upper echelon of the U.S. military’s special mission units.

These entities are entrusted with the execution of the most intricate, clandestine, and perilous missions directed by the nation’s highest executive authorities, the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense. 

Delta Force personnel

Regarding recruitment, a significant majority of Delta Force operatives are cherry-picked from the Army Special Operations Command’s prestigious 75th Ranger Regiment and Special Forces.

Nevertheless, the selection process also extends to various other special operations units within the Army and occasionally spills over to conventional forces and other branches of the military service as well.