Russian Army received a new batch of minefield creators Zemledeliye

The state corporation, Rostec, has recently completed an early delivery of the innovative Engineering Remote Mining Zemledeliye systems to the troops. This news was officially announced by the corporation’s public relations department. 

Russian Army received a new batch of minefield creators Zemledeliye
Photo credit: Military Leak

In a significant turn of events, the Zemledeliye ISDM complexes were dispatched to the military forces ahead of the agreed timeline. The power of this state-of-the-art technology lies in its programmable ammunition, which is capable of mining an area equivalent to multiple football pitches in mere minutes.

“It’s also worth noting that these explosive entities come with the functionality of self-destruction and deactivation within set time frames,” as per Rostec’s official statement. 

Photo credit: MilitaryLeak

Zemledeliye as an impermeable barrier

Behan Ozdoev confirms the efficiency of well-placed minefields. He makes this statement through the prism of recent “special operations”. “As well as because of the failed Ukrainian attacks,” he adds. Behan Ozdoev is Rostec’s Industrial Director for Conventional Weapons, Ammunition and Special Chemistry. He affirms that such tactical mine placements act as an impermeable barrier to enemy progression. 

According to Ozdoev, the Zemledeliye’s prowess extends into the creation of intelligent, quick-to-setup minefields in regions otherwise deemed difficult to reach. Further asserting this system’s utility, he adds that these smart explosives are programmed to self-destruct or deactivate after a stipulated duration, thus ensuring prompt and secure clearance of mines post hostilities. 

Russia uses full salvo system of 50 mine-loaded rockets in Ukraine
Photo credit: Twitter

Zemledeliye’s role

Ozdoev emphasizes the important role of Zemledeliye in elevating the military’s effectiveness in handling mining scenarios, without violating any international mandates that prohibit or limit the use of mines, mini-traps, and similar devices. His statements were duly referenced in the state corporation’s report. 

Previous mentions by Rostec highlight the reliable and combat-effective nature of this system, especially in high-stakes conflict scenarios. Continuous analysis is conducted based on the system’s performance and military personnel’s feedback.

About Zemledeliye

The Zemledeliye system operates utilizing principles akin to a multi-launch rocket system, employing mining explosives as ammunition.

Russian Army received a new batch of minefield creators Zemledeliye
Photo credit: Military Leak

Solid propellant engines deliver various types of mines to designated target areas, with placement coordinates recorded electronically. These coordinates are then relayed up the chain of command. 

A distinctive feature of the system is its launcher, capable of handling fifty 122mm rounds, each packed with either anti-personnel or anti-tank mines. Complementing the launcher is a transport-loader, equipped with a rear-mounted loading crane. 

The base for these machines is the robust eight-wheel Kamaz-6560 truck chassis, including armored cabs for the drivers. The ISDM missiles are stored in specially designed containers and then loaded into unique blocks.  

Russia uses full salvo system of 50 mine-loaded rockets in Ukraine
Photo credit: Twitter

2×25 rounds

Each of these blocks can hold up to 25 rounds, with each Zemledeliye ISDM installation facilitating two such blocks. Additionally, the launcher setup comes with communication aids, fire control, meteorological sensors, and a basic self-defense system, consisting of six smoke grenade launchers distributed evenly on each side. 

Supply of these systems to the troops commenced in 2013, following a contract signing between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Tula manufacturer. NPO Splav, the largest missile system producer for salvo launches in Russia, is responsible for their development and production. 

The Zemledeliye machine was unveiled to the public during a military parade commemorating the 75th Victory anniversary of the Great Patriotic War held in Moscow. Expectedly, the debut batch of ISDMs was set to join the engineering troops in 2020.


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