Turkish sea drone sank a ship with a hull length of 69 meters

The Albatros-S, a kamikaze seaborne drone developed by the Turkish company, ASELSAN, underwent a successful test in the coastal city of Mersina. In this trial, one Albatros-S unit effectively sank a 69-meter hull length target vessel in mere minutes following a strike.  

Notably, a thorough clean-up of all flammable material on the target vessel was conducted prior to the testing, suggesting a conscientious regard for environmental wellbeing. 

An observational drone, the Bayraktar TB2, kept a close watch on the Albatros-S’s functions. The testing also scrutinized the potentially revolutionary operation of an Albatros-S swarm—eight units functioning simultaneously—as reported by SavunmaSanayiST portal. 

Turkish sea drone sank a ship with a hull length of 69 meters
Photo credit: Twitter

A noteworthy addition by BulgarianMilitary.com is that this marks the first known initiative of a Turkish-made kamikaze boat, produced in metal, to have reached execution and passed the initial tests successfully. 

Further reports from SavunmaSanayiST indicate that the Albatros-S project possibly drew upon an existing multi-functional maritime drone model for design insights. This existing model, incidentally, caught the limelight in June 2022. 

The duration of the transition from a multi-purpose boat to the kamikaze variant presumably reached a little over a year for the ASELSAN team. This would have factored in time for fine-tuning all technological nuances associated with the ‘swarm’ application format, although it is possible that this timeline may have been considerably shorter. 

Highlighting the breadth of the Turkish Defense Ministry’s initiatives, the Albatros-S is not the lone kamikaze boat project in the pipeline. 

The METEKSAN maritime kamikaze drone, ULAQ KAMA, was showcased at the IDEF 2023 exhibition in July 2023. This unmanned boat, a product of prior ULAQ family developments, was announced to have the capability of producing 100 units within a calendar year. 


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