Spain to send new six medium-range Hawk launchers to Ukraine

During his visit to Spain for the summit of EU Prime Ministers, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky seized the opportunity to request additional supplies from Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

Ankara deployed MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missiles in Syrian Idlib, UN said
Photo credit: Reddit

The outcome saw a promise from Spain to dispatch six additional Hawk missile launchers, supplementing the six already sent from Spain to Ukraine, along with the Aspide, demining tools, and anti-drone systems, whose exact specifications are yet to be disclosed. 

Sanchez also pledged to provide technical guidance to the Ukrainian military on employing these tools effectively. As the acting EU president, Sánchez further expressed a commitment to foster Ukraine’s integration into the EU during his tenure. 

All the hardware referred to by both presidents is crucial for Ukraine. Anti-aircraft guns have so far successfully repelled Russian aviation and missiles, demining tools pave the way for safe troop movement and civilian safety, and anti-drone armaments are poised to be the premier counter-offensive to the emerging drone warfare. 

Highlighting this crucial need, at the 2E+I Forum held this week, TRC introduced the advanced version of its Cervus III system, empowered with artificial intelligence and machine learning. As the developers illustrate, these capabilities “reduce human interference in the decision-making process and significantly enhance the success rate.” 

Currently engaged by the army, this system, having been tested in Mali and presently stationed in Latvia, is the only one of its kind originating entirely from Spain and among the limited few in operation within the country. 

The remaining active systems mainly focus on small drones and operate through inhibitors. Contrarily, at the same forum, Secretary of State for Defense Amparo Valcarse revealed plans for the domestic production of neutralization systems against unmanned systems deploying missiles, artillery, and mortars via high-energy laser-assisted systems. 

This gear supplements the consignment previously dispatched by Spain in multiple segments, initially containing ammunition, small arms, and medical supplies, headlined by the armored ambulance, RG-31, in response to the advancing Russian forces. 

In the aftermath of the initial consignment, Spain sent 1,300 C90 grenade launchers, additional light machine guns, ammunition, vests, and helmets. Towards the end of August the previous year, winter clothing, medical equipment, fuel, artillery ammunition, TOA vehicles, and the inaugural Aspide air defense system were shipped. 

Several weeks later, 22 specialized vehicles, which included military ambulances, trucks, and Vamtac and Anibal transports, were sent from Spain. These were followed by the initial contingents of Hawks, followed by 105mm Light Gun howitzers, more Hawks, and electricity generators. Notably, the pinnacle of these consignments was the shipment of the Leopard.


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