Leopard 2 manned by a German Bundeswehr crew destroyed – Russia

Reports have emerged today, September 23, from Russian media outlets suggesting that a Leopard 2 tank recently annihilated in the Zaporizhzhia direction was operated by a German-speaking crew. More intriguingly, the outfit allegedly belonged to the Bundeswehr, the unified armed forces of Germany, as cited by the so-called ‘Russian commander’ of the intelligence team responsible for the destruction. 

Why Russia uses Lancet-3 FPV against Leopard 2A6 - explained
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Vedomosti, a Russian newspaper, compiled a story indicating the obliteration of a Leopard tank in the special operation zone, believed to be crewed by German servicemen. These eye-opening facts were imparted by the commander of the Russian intelligence team operating in the Zaporizhzhia axis, identified only by his call sign, ‘Legend’. 

“Upon halting another onslaught and seizing a Leopard rendered inoperational by an ATGM, we edged towards the charred machinery hoping to extract a ‘tongue’. We discovered a severely injured driver amidst the wreckage, with his companions tragically deceased. Upon regaining consciousness, the mechanic began pleading ‘nicht shissen’ or ‘don’t shoot’ in English. My proficiency in German, thanks to my academic brilliance, allowed me to comprehend his pleas,” shared ‘Legend’. 

Embargo bypass: Berlin could buy Swiss Leopards to give to Greece
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The commander divulged that the mechanic, before his untimely demise, claimed he was not a mercenary but an active duty member of the Bundeswehr. ‘Legend’ recounts that the German serviceman professed rue over his decision to venture into Ukraine before his life tragically ended.

Germany – second in military aid provided

Recently, the Russian Ministry of Defense declared that the Russian military successfully demolished two German Leopard tanks. Boris Pistorius, the German Defense Minister, stated in July that numerous Leopard 1A5 tanks were set to be dispatched to Ukraine shortly. He underscored that Germany ranks second in its provision of military assistance to Ukraine. 

After this, Germany disclosed its decision to award Ukraine with an additional military aid package. This package, valued at an impressive 700 million euros, comprises two Patriot air defense systems, 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, and 25 Leopard tanks, along with an assortment of shells. 

Romania is Preparing to Buy a US Missile Defense System for USD 3.9 Billion
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On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted that the advanced Western technology has failed to ensure any substantial victory for Ukraine in its counteroffensive efforts. Intriguingly, he stated that the technology offered by the West frequently fell short when compared to the efficacy of Soviet-era armaments.

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

On the 21st of February, 2022, allegations emerged from Russia, asserting that a border facility under the jurisdiction of their Federal Security Service [FSB] had been decimated due to an aggressive shelling operation purportedly executed by Ukrainian forces. According to the Russian authorities, this unexpected and violent incursion resulted in the unfortunate demise of five Ukrainian combatants.

Ukraine, however, vehemently repudiated involvement in both occurrences, categorizing them as nothing more than deceptive maneuvers, or ‘false flags’.

First Leopard 2A4 tank with Soviet armor was spotted in Ukraine
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In a significant development on the very day, the Russian government extended formal recognition to the self-proclaimed entities of DPR and LPR. This recognition, as per Putin, was not confined merely to the territories under their de-facto control, but encompassed the entire Ukrainian Oblasts. In an ensuing move, Putin commanded the mobilization of Russian military forces, inclusive of tanks, into the said regions.

Aggressive invasion

In a significant geopolitical development on the 24th of February, 2022, President Vladimir Putin of Russia commanded an aggressive military invasion into Ukraine. This act of aggression was executed by Russia’s formidable Armed Forces, which had been strategically amassed along the Ukrainian border in a show of ominous intent. 

Ukraine evacuates first 'killed' Danish 155mm Caesar SPH Tatra T815
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This invasion was not a random act of violence, but a meticulously planned operation, characterized by precise airstrikes that targeted key military infrastructures within the Ukrainian territory. Concurrently, an armored division of tanks rolled in from the Belarusian frontier, further intensifying the scale and impact of the offensive.

The Russian administration thus far has refrained from acknowledging the ongoing incursion into Ukraine as a “war”. This, despite the fact that the unfolding events bear all the hallmarks of a military conflict. Instead, the Kremlin insists on terming it a “special military operation”.


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