Swedish Volvo showed FMX 8×8 military truck with British armor

Volvo Defense presented its latest version of the Volvo FMX 8×8 armored military truck at the international exhibition for defense and security in England – DSEi. The armor is radically different from the one originally designed by the Volvo company. According to sources, the new armor on the chassis is the work of the English company NP Aerospace. The reinforced cabin of the chassis is clearly visible.

NP Aerospace is a leading global armor manufacturer and vehicle integrator, providing high-performance defense and security solutions and engineering services for commercial applications.

The company has over 90 years of experience providing lightweight, fatigue-resistant products made from the world’s most advanced materials.

The new bumper on the FMX 8×8

For example, in the original Swedish version, the windshield of the cabin is complete. However, the British have designed smaller windshield dimensions and reinforced them with more circular and wide side frames, very similar to the cabin of the HIMARS missile complex. Also, the windshield is no longer a single piece but is split into two halves, with a reinforced bumper on the dividing beam in the middle.

The two side doors of the cab have also been redesigned. The doors are all new armored, featuring smaller windows, just as well armored as the windscreen.

Swedish Volvo showed FMX 8x8 military truck with British armor
Photo credit: Telegram

Unlike the original Swedish version, the British have removed some “designer” solutions in front of the cabin, which would not really have any effect in combat. For example, the cluster of four headlights below the front window has been removed, as well as the bars at the front of the body. On the other hand, the front cabin is also reinforced with additional armor from NP Aerospace.

NP Aerospace armor

The armor produced by NP Aerospace is designed to provide maximum protection to armored vehicles and their occupants. It is engineered to withstand various threats, including ballistic impacts, explosions, and shrapnel.

The armor is tested and certified to meet international standards, ensuring its effectiveness in real-world scenarios. NP Aerospace continuously invests in research and development to enhance the performance of its armor and stay ahead of emerging threats.

NP Aerospace utilizes advanced materials in the production of its armor. One of the commonly used materials is ballistic-grade steel, which offers excellent resistance against ballistic threats. Additionally, they incorporate composite materials, such as aramid fibers and ceramic inserts, to enhance the armor’s protective capabilities.

These materials provide a lightweight solution without compromising on strength and durability. NP Aerospace also employs innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure the armor meets stringent quality standards.

FMX 8×8 engine, brakes, and gearbox

The Volvo FMX 8×8 Rigids are equipped with powerful engines that provide excellent performance. They feature Volvo’s D13K engine, which is a 13-liter inline 6-cylinder diesel engine. This engine offers high torque and power output, ensuring the truck can handle heavy loads and challenging terrains.

In terms of brakes, the Volvo FMX 8×8 Rigids come with advanced braking systems. They are equipped with disc brakes on all wheels, providing reliable and efficient braking performance. Additionally, they feature electronic brake systems that enhance safety by optimizing braking force distribution.

For the gearbox and transmission, the Volvo FMX 8×8 Rigids are equipped with Volvo’s I-Shift automated manual transmission. This transmission system offers smooth and precise gear shifting, improving overall driving comfort and fuel efficiency. It also includes features like a hill start aid and crawler gears for enhanced maneuverability.

FMX 8×8 load and mobility

The maximum load capacity of the Volvo FMX 8×8 Rigids depends on the specific configuration and body type. However, these trucks are designed to handle heavy loads and are commonly used in construction, mining, and off-road applications. They can typically carry loads ranging from 30 to 40 tons or even more, depending on the setup.

In terms of mobility, the Volvo FMX 8×8 Rigids are built to excel in off-road conditions. They feature excellent ground clearance and robust suspension systems that allow them to navigate rough terrains with ease. These trucks are equipped with all-wheel drive and differential locks, ensuring optimal traction and mobility in challenging environments.

FMX 8×8 rear axle and tires

The rear axle of the Volvo FMX 8×8 Rigids is designed to handle heavy loads and provide superior durability. It is equipped with heavy-duty axles that can withstand the stress of off-road operations. The rear axle configuration varies depending on the specific model and application requirements.

The tires used on the Volvo FMX 8×8 Rigids are specifically designed for off-road use. They are typically large and have aggressive tread patterns to ensure optimal traction on various surfaces. These trucks often use wide-base tires to distribute the load evenly and improve stability.


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