Russia: All missile ships will be armed with air and sea drones

Renat Mistakhov, the head of the “Ak Bars” shipbuilding corporation, recently revealed an exciting development in Russian naval technology. All small missile ships [SMS or MRKs in Russian] parlance, are set to be equipped with both air and sea drones in the future. 

Russia: All missile ships will be armed with air and sea drones
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The cutting-edge MRKs will soon be outfitted with drones capable of operating in the sea and the air. Although the deployment of these unmanned aerial vehicles on small missile ships is not yet planned, there are available spaces where naval drones could potentially be placed after some adjustments. However, landing aircraft-type drones on MRKs presents a challenge due to limited space. To launch such a drone, it would need to land on water, risking damage to the device. 

Mistakhov was quoted by RIA Novosti saying, “On the new ships, drones will be placed on board, they will be able to be launched and lifted. (…) Already built ships have spaces where marine drones can be placed. Of course, they will have to be finalized, but they exist.” 

Mistakhov also highlighted that the Ak Bars Design Bureau possesses the technical prowess to redesign small missile ships to accommodate drones. If given the directive, they would readily undertake the task. 

Russia puts Resurs anti-aircraft weapon on Project 22160 warships
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In his concluding remarks, Mistakhov stated, “Therefore, I believe that sea and air drones should be on the ships of the Russian Navy. If we receive instructions, we are ready to work on this topic.” This statement clearly articulates Russia’s readiness to embrace and integrate cutting-edge drone technology into its naval fleet.

What naval drones does Russia have?

Russia has a variety of naval military drones, including both air and sea drones. One of the most well-known Russian naval drones is the Forpost, which is an unmanned aerial vehicle [UAV] that can be used for reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

The ZALA 421-08M is another Russian naval drone that can be used for reconnaissance and surveillance. This drone is specifically designed for use in maritime environments and can operate in harsh weather conditions.

Russia: All missile ships will be armed with air and sea drones - Marlin 350
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Russia also has several sea drones, including the Marlin-350 and Marlin-350C. These underwater drones can be used for a variety of tasks, including mine detection and underwater surveillance. The Katran is another sea drone developed by Russia. This drone is designed for use in shallow waters and can be used for tasks such as underwater search and rescue missions. Overall, Russia has a range of naval military drones that can be used for a variety of tasks, including reconnaissance, surveillance, and underwater operations.

How do UUVs interact with ships and submarines?

Underwater unmanned vehicles or UUV can interact with ships and submarines in a variety of ways. One of the most common ways is through the use of sensors. These drones can be equipped with sensors that allow them to detect the presence of ships and submarines in the water. This information can then be relayed back to the operator, who can use it to make decisions about how to proceed.

Another way that underwater marine drones can interact with ships and submarines is through the use of cameras. They allow them to capture images and videos of the surrounding area. This information can be used to identify potential threats or to gather intelligence about enemy movements.

Russia: All missile ships will be armed with air and sea drones
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UUVs can also be used to deliver payloads to ships and submarines. For example, they can be used to deliver supplies or equipment to a submarine that is submerged and unable to surface. This can be particularly useful in situations where a submarine needs to remain hidden for an extended period.

Finally, UUVs can be used to attack ships and submarines. These drones can be equipped with weapons such as torpedoes or mines, which can be used to disable or destroy enemy vessels. While this is a more aggressive use of underwater marine drones, it is an option that is available to military forces if necessary.


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