Izdelie 80 or Russian ‘B-2 Spirit’ is in the final development stage

British authorities have announced that Russian designers have reached the final stage of development of a fifth-generation PAK-DA bomber, also called “Izdelie 80” [Product 80 in English].

Izdelie 80 or Russian 'B-2 Spirit' is in the final development stage
Photo credit: Dzen.ru

Here’s what British Armaments Secretary James Heappey said: “Russia maintains several types of bombers on permanent standby at various air bases across the country. The PAK-DA prototype, whose design resembles the American B-2 bomber, may be close to completion.”

Russia now uses Tu-95, Tu-22, and Tu-160 strategic bombers and missile carriers. For the front, the Russians have a good Su-34. A new Tu-160 was modernized and built. “Izdelie 80” is a real stealth bomber of a new generation of the Russian Aerospace Forces [VKS].

What do we know so far?

From Heappey’s words, we can conclude that Russia will receive the first images from PAK-DA in the coming years. Perhaps by the end of 2025, say publications in some Russian media, but leave this statement as a guess. PAK-DA is an abbreviation that means “Promising long-range aviation complex” in Russian. The Tupolev company is developing a promising stealth bomber. PAK-DA should replace the Tu-160 and Tu-22M3 strategic bombers.

Tupolev engineers promised to assemble the first flight model by 2023, but the deadlines are pushed back several times almost every year. However, there is hope that the PAK-DA will fly before 2025. The main advantage of the “Izdelie 80” will be stealth technology.

It’s no secret that strategic Russian aviation has one big flaw – it’s easy to spot. These are easy targets for any radar. By comparison, America’s newest B-2 bomber is built on stealth technology.

Russia will learn from the mistakes of the US

It could be argued that the B-2 Spirit as a project failed. Because the plane turned out to be golden – worth less than a billion dollars. However, the concept itself is quite successful: you need an inconspicuous strategist who will suddenly find himself at the right point and launch several megaton missiles to the delight of his partners.

Izdelie 80 or Russian 'B-2 Spirit' is in the final development stage
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The U.S. is currently developing a cheaper version of the B-2, which is not cleverly called the B-21 Raider. It will be a subsonic and stealthy bomber built according to the “flying wing” aerodynamic design. China is also building the Xian H-20 [Shian H-wenty] stealth strategist.

It remains to say that some parameters of the future Russian stealth bomber are already known. “Izdelie 80” will have subsonic speed, two engines, and a range of up to 15,000 km.

Some Russian media claim that the Russian stealth bomber will have advantages over the American one, especially in the field of weaponry. Russian media recall that hypersonic weapons have already been developed for their bomber, while the US is lagging behind in their development.

Izdelie 80 or Russian 'B-2 Spirit' is in the final development stage
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Expected PAK-DA’s weapon systems

The PAK-DA bomber is expected to be equipped with a variety of weapons systems, including both conventional and nuclear weapons. The exact capabilities of these weapons systems are not yet known, as the PAK-DA is still in development. However, it is expected that the bomber will be able to carry a wide range of weapons, including air-to-surface missiles, bombs, and possibly even hypersonic weapons.

Izdelie 80 or Russian 'B-2 Spirit' is in the final development stage
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One of the key features of the PAK-DA’s weapons systems is expected to be their stealth capabilities. The bomber is designed to have a low radar cross-section, which will make it difficult for enemy radar systems to detect. This will allow the PAK-DA to penetrate deep into enemy territory and deliver its payload with minimal risk of detection or interception.

In addition to its stealth capabilities, the PAK-DA’s weapons systems are also expected to be highly advanced in terms of their guidance and targeting capabilities. The bomber is likely to be equipped with advanced sensors and targeting systems, which will allow it to accurately deliver its weapons to its intended targets. This will make the PAK-DA a highly effective weapon for both conventional and nuclear missions.

Comparing PAK-DA with other bombers

The PAK-DA is expected to have a payload capacity of up to 30 tons, which is comparable to other modern bombers such as the B-2 Spirit and the Chinese H-20. However, the exact payload capacity of the PAK-DA is still classified information and may vary depending on the mission requirements.

Izdelie 80 or Russian 'B-2 Spirit' is in the final development stage
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In terms of weapons, the PAK-DA is expected to carry a variety of air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles, bombs, and possibly even hypersonic weapons. The specific weapons that will be used by the PAK-DA have not been officially announced, but it is expected to have a similar armament to other modern bombers.

Compared to other modern bombers, the PAK-DA is expected to have a lower radar signature and higher maneuverability due to its advanced stealth technology and aerodynamic design. This may give the PAK-DA an advantage in evading enemy air defenses and completing its mission successfully.


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