Get ready for a power-up: Norway’s Leopards receive Israeli APS

Get ready for a power-up, as Norway’s Leopard Tanks are gearing up to equip the mighty “Trophy” Active Protection System. This formidable upgrade is brought to you by EuroTrophy. A dynamic joint venture formed by the powerhouse trio of General Dynamics European Land Systems [GDELS], KMW, and Rafael.

Newest Leopard 2A7 beat Korean K2 in the battle for snowy Norway
Photo credit: KMW recalls that the Norwegian army, gearing up with a fleet of 54 state-of-the-art Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks. But these aren’t just any tanks. These machines come fully equipped with the cutting-edge Israeli active defense system known as “Trophy”, proudly manufactured by Israel’s renowned defense company, Rafael. 

This powerful purchase was made by the Norwegian Defense Material Agency [NDMA], directly from the esteemed German company, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann [KMW]. These tanks have been christened Leopard 2 A8 NOR, a name that stands as a bold testament to their prowess and power.


EuroTrophy is a collaborative venture by the industry titans – General Dynamics European Land Systems [GDELS], KMW, and Rafael. They’ve pooled their expertise to conceive the revolutionary Trophy APS Passive Protection System. This marvel of defense technology, the Trophy APS, is a testament to their ingenuity and strategic collaboration.

In a thrilling revelation by KMW, the Norwegian tanks boast of some extra bells and whistles not found in the German A8 version. One notable addition is the integration of the cutting-edge Norwegian ICS/CORTEX system, a brainchild of the renowned Norwegian firm, Kongsberg. This ingenious system revolutionizes data transfer within the Main Battle Tank [MBT] and its communication with other combat systems, further enhancing its battlefield prowess.

What Trophy APS is?

The Israeli Trophy Active Protection System [APS] is designed to protect tanks and other armored vehicles from incoming threats such as anti-tank missiles, rockets, and other projectiles. The system uses a combination of radar, electro-optics, and a hard-kill interceptor to detect, track, and neutralize incoming threats before they can reach the vehicle.

Norway: We have already transferred eight Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine
Photo by Maria Selnes, Norway MoD

The Trophy APS is composed of four major components: the radar unit, the electro-optical system, the countermeasures launcher, and the control unit. The radar unit is responsible for detecting incoming threats and tracking their trajectory. The electro-optical system provides visual confirmation of the threat and helps to identify the type of incoming projectile. The countermeasures launcher is responsible for firing the hard-kill interceptor to neutralize the threat. The control unit manages the entire system and coordinates the different components to ensure effective protection.

The mechanism involved in the Israeli Trophy APS is based on a hard-kill interception approach. When the radar unit detects an incoming threat, it sends a signal to the control unit, which then activates the electro-optical system to confirm the threat. Once the threat is confirmed, the control unit activates the countermeasures launcher, which fires a hard-kill interceptor at the incoming threat. The interceptor then detonates near the incoming projectile, destroying it before it can reach the vehicle.

‘Hard-kill’ interceptor

The hard-kill interceptor used in the Israeli Trophy APS is designed to neutralize a wide range of threats, including anti-tank missiles, RPGs, and other projectiles. The interceptor is equipped with a shaped charge warhead that detonates near the incoming threat, destroying it before it can penetrate the armor of the vehicle. The interceptor is also designed to minimize collateral damage, ensuring that the vehicle and its occupants are not harmed in the process.

Germany showed Leopard 2A8 tank to the public for the first time
Photo credit:

The Israeli Trophy APS has been successfully deployed in combat situations, including during the 2014 conflict in Gaza. The system has proven to be highly effective in protecting tanks and other armored vehicles from incoming threats, reducing the risk of casualties and damage to military assets. As a result, the system has been adopted by several countries, including the United States, which has integrated the Trophy APS into its M1 Abrams tanks.


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