Australian Bushmaster IMV survived a ‘Russian kamikaze’ impact test

In the second week since the beginning of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the Russian army continues to “fill” its portfolio with destroyed Western Tahneki. Leopard tanks, British Mastiff PPVs, American Bradley armored vehicles, and Canadian Rochelle are part of the “victims”, not including Western towed and self-propelled artillery.

Australian Bushmaster IMV took the 'Russian kamikaze' impact test
Photo credit: Telegram

It was also the turn of the Australian Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle or Infantry Mobility Vehicle [IMV]. A photo of a destroyed Bushmaster is circulating on the Telegram social channel. Pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian accounts there confirm the destruction of the Australian Bushmaster.

‘Russian kamikaze drone’ test

A brief analysis of the photos indicates that the vehicle was most likely attacked by a Russian kamikaze drone. It was not an anti-tank or anti-personnel mine, as the hits would have been below the Bushmaster. And in such a situation, the hull would be split, or partially cracked along the vertical of the chassis.

The drone hit sideways – at least that’s what you can see on one side of the Bushmaster, the right. The armored passenger window did not hold up – shrapnel pierced the glass and entered the bodywork. On the other side, armored windows are simply gone. Where the drone hit the metal at the bottom is slightly bent, but still firmly attached to its bolts.

The dome is also heavily smoky but robust. It doesn’t have the machine gun attached to it. The vehicle’s tires are also missing but were most likely removed by Ukrainian soldiers, as they did with the turret machine gun. If they were in a state of reuse – that’s logical and that’s how it’s done. The side external cargo compartments on the body are open. It also means that things are taken out of them and stored. At first glance it looks like a wrecked vehicle, but it’s more smoky and with components, weapons, and human cargo removed from the impact.

What about the crew

It remains an open question whether the crew and passengers inside survived. Russian accounts provide no similar context for the photos. But the pictures themselves provide it if we look more closely at them. For example, tires are removed, not destroyed or burned. I.e. there was human intervention in removing the tires.

Also, pro-Ukrainian accounts claim that the crew survived, having managed to take everything that survived from the vehicle. It can be seen in the photos that the external cargo compartments are open. I.e. things were removed from there before the vehicle was abandoned.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Russian soldiers carried out all these acts. But the Russian accounts that share the photos from the Australian Bushmaster do not say a word about Ukrainian soldiers. Not killed, not wounded, not even captured. I.e. most likely the Ukrainian soldiers evacuated the burning vehicle and returned to the rear of their unit.

The Damage to the vehicle does not suggest fatalities within the Bushmaster’s range of transport. Of course, there may be casualties and injuries, but an initial review of the photos without further context shows that there are no casualties.

About Bushmaster IMV

The Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle is a durable, adaptable armored vehicle. It’s designed to protect passengers from mines, IEDs, and small arms fire. The Bushmaster’s V-shaped hull design, a key feature, effectively protects occupants by deflecting mine or IED blasts away from the vehicle. The Bushmaster features advanced armor technology like composite materials and ceramic armor for extra protection against attacks.

Seen: Bushmaster PMV in Ukraine with EOS R400-Mk2 and 7.62x51 GPMG
Photo: Twitter

In terms of specifications, the Bushmaster has a maximum speed of around 100 km/h [62 mph] and a range of up to 800 km [500 miles] on a single tank of fuel. It can carry up to 10 passengers, including a driver and commander, and is typically armed with a range of weapons, including machine guns and grenade launchers.

The Bushmaster’s modular design allows for easy customization and versatility. It can adapt to various mission requirements and roles, including troop transport, reconnaissance, and combat support.


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