Russia moves ‘improved’ Ufa sub from Baltic to Pacific fleet

Sources in Moscow say that by the end of 2023, the improved Kilo-class submarine Ufa, recently commissioned into the Russian Baltic Fleet, will be transferred to the Russian Pacific Fleet. According to the source, this should be done in the autumn of this year.

Russia moves 'improved' Ufa sub from Baltic to Pacific fleet
Photo credit: Admiralty Shipyard

Submarine Ufa is a Russian project 636.3. The submarine was designed and built by Admiralty Shipyards. The move to the Pacific Fleet means the submarine will have to make a major international transit along the Northern Sea Route. Moscow says the submarine is capable of making such a transition, and plans are currently being developed to do so. recalls that the Russian Navy launched the Ufa submarine in 2022. Ufa is believed to be quite well armed, according to international media reports. The submarine runs “acoustic stealth”. It has a long range of detection of enemy targets.

Western analysts note that since Ufa’s designer and builder is Admiralty Shipyards, this means that the submarine is a global threat in the non-nuclear class of submarines. Ufa has a powerful high-velocity torpedo missile armament.

It is said to have the latest Russian inertial navigation system. The information, control and data transfer system has also been improved. The crew consists of 52 divers, the autonomy is 45 days, and the diving depth reaches 300 meters. recalls that at the end of March, Kilo-class submarines conducted exercises in the Black Sea. Then the submarines B-271 Kolpino and B-262 Stary Oskol took part in the exercises. They fired torpedoes.

During the event, the submarines moved to the combat training area, conducted a series of preparatory exercises and dived to a predetermined depth for firing.

Both submarines are part of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The underwater torpedo firings and exercises were officially confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.


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