North Kosovo clashes: KFOR soldier is hurt, snipers are activated

Photos from a few minutes ago showing clashes in northern Kosovo began to circulate on the web. The authenticity of the photos has been confirmed, but sources have also confirmed that clashes have currently broken out in northern Kosovo between Serbs from Kosovo and KFOR forces.

Just in: Clashes in North Kosovo, KFOR soldier is badly hurt
Photo credit: Twitter

There are casualties as a result of the clashes on both sides. A KFOR soldier is said to have been seriously injured. Clashes erupted after KFOR forces attempted to clear Kosovo Serb barricades.

A young man was seriously injured with a firearm after members of KFOR used stun grenades, and members of the so-called were shot by the Kosovo police. Both injured were immediately transferred to KBC Kosovska Mitrovica.

KFOR members tried to force the Serbian List representatives into their cordon, followed by stun grenades and lots of tear gas. Smoke enveloped the streets toward the municipality building. Several ambulances are parked in the center, providing first aid to tear gas victims. The assembled Serbs are still in the street and are not backing down.

Local sources report that a large number of KFOR members with demonstration dispersal equipment were deployed this morning near municipal buildings in Zvecan, Leposavich, and Zubin Potok. In Leposavich, barbed wire was strung around the municipality building.

Just in: Clashes in North Kosovo, KFOR soldier is badly hurt
Photo credit: Twitter

Several hundred Serbs have gathered in front of municipal buildings in northern Kosovo and are demanding the withdrawal of Kosovo police and newly elected Albanian mayors, Serbs did not participate in local elections and refuse to accept Albanian representatives in municipalities where Serbs make up more than 95 percent of the population.

Near the municipality of Zvečan, a large number of members of the Polish contingent of KFOR are present, forming the first ring of “security” around the municipality building, where the Albanian mayor “moved” by force on Friday, after the elections which the Serbs did not participate. Behind the KFOR members, near the municipality building itself, are members of the Kosovo Police.

Just in: Clashes in North Kosovo, KFOR soldier is badly hurt
Photo credit: Local sources

This morning, KFOR patrols blocked the street leading to the Zubin Stream municipality building to vehicular traffic, so the municipality can only be reached on foot.

In the Serbian municipality of Zubin Potok in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija, the situation is tense, and now it is understood that there is a so-called sniper of the Kosovo Special Forces, who is targeting the Serbs, at the window of the municipality building!

The situation is extremely tense. Here is a video of the clashes.


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