Russia decrypts Ukrainian comm, air defenses is also affected – RND

Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland [RND or on English – The Editorial network Germany] is sounding the alarm about a possible decrypted communication between Ukrainian soldiers. The information, which was later cited by, was based on conversations with Ukrainian soldiers. Russian troops are apparently able to eavesdrop on Ukrainian attack plans. This complicates the counterattack. Air defense is also affected, wrote.

Russia decrypts Ukrainian comm, air defenses is also affected - RND
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The German publication writes that the Russian army is working decisively to thwart the Ukrainian counteroffensive. RND says experts are expressing concern. It is related to the fact that in recent months the Russian army has completely changed its tactics and is achieving success against Ukraine. According to experts, Russia most likely “hacked Ukrainian communication” and is listening.

The RND draws information from the Royal Joint Services Institute for Defense and Security Research [RUSI]. The report says the Russians were able to crack 256-bit encryption on Motorola radios and listen in real-time. RUSI’s claim is based on interviews and conversations with Ukrainian soldiers in April and May of this year. RUSI writes that these soldiers participated in the defense of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Bakhmut, and Avdiivka “or took part in the offensives in Kherson and Kharkiv.”

The importance

The German media write that such a breakthrough is a problem for Ukraine and a very serious one at that. “This is a decisive advantage,” writes RND. However, according to RUSI, the problem arose due to Ukrainian negligence.

Russia decrypts Ukrainian comm, air defenses is also affected - RND
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When a Ukrainian soldier is captured or killed, his equipment is confiscated by the Russian army. RUSI claims that Ukrainians do not often change their communication frequencies. “Apparently they don’t change their encryption codes often enough,” writes

“This is a game for the Russians with open Ukrainian cards,” says military expert Gustav Gressel of the European Council on Foreign Relations [ECFR]. According to him, if you follow the actions of the Russian army and those of the Ukrainian army, you can see a dependence. I.e. “The reconstruction of the course of the battle shows that the Russians were well informed about some of the operations of the Ukrainian units.”

Electronic warfare recalls that, according to analyzes and reports by European and American analysts, Russia has shown very good abilities to jam the enemy’s electronic systems. I.e. waging electronic warfare.

Just a few days ago, an article was published by Business Insider which claims that precisely because of advanced Russian technologies in the field of electronic warfare, Ukraine is losing 10,000 drones a month. “The Russians are sending false signals and screwing up their navigation,” the publication wrote.

Ukraine is throwing 300 DJI-made Mavic 3T drones at the Russians
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The Russian military is also increasingly using jammers to prevent aircraft from communicating on the battlefield, the study’s authors wrote. First of all, this refers to electronic warfare with unmanned aerial vehicles, which are mainly used for reconnaissance of the enemy.

What else?

Against the background of all these analyses, analysts notice another, unfavorable situation for Ukraine – the lack of Russian tanks on the battlefield. Yes, according to, Russian tanks are no longer as active on the front line and therefore cannot fall prey to Ukrainian anti-tank portable missiles, artillery, or drones.

However, at the expense of this, Russian fire support has been increased at least several times. At the moment, experts say, Russia is using its artillery for defense. I.e. to protect the fortified temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories and to deter the attempt of the Ukrainian armed forces to take them back. I.e. Russia demonstrated the use of artillery not as an offensive military tactic.


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