Turkey has tested its own Tayfun short-range ballistic missile

The Tayfun [Typhoon] ballistic missile – the missile with the longest range in Turkey’s arsenal – was successfully test-fired over the Black Sea on Tuesday, Anadolu Agency reported.

The short-range ballistic missile was tested for the second time. The first test took place in October 2022; the missile then hit a target 560 km away.

Tayfun ballistic missile

Ballistic missiles with a range of 300-1000 kilometers are defined as “short-range ballistic missiles [SRBMs]”. Tayfun became Turkey’s first short-range ballistic missile.

Thus, the Turkish armed forces, which have been known to have tactical ballistic missiles since the 1990s, have for the first time elevated themselves to a higher class in this field.

Turkey has tested its own Tayfun short-range ballistic missile
Photo credit: SavunmaSanayi

The Tayfun missile, whose test firings continue, has become Turkey’s most far-reaching missile system to date. The Tayfun missile, which is expected to have a few more test fires, is expected to be in the inventory shortly. With the Tayfun, the Turkish armed forces will reach an important deterrent capacity. After TAYFUN will come the CENK rocket.

The main targets of the missile will be strategic targets of the enemy. Many critical core components of the Tayfun missile, such as the engine, propellant, and guidance, were also developed by Roketsan.

Tanks and drones

In recent months, the Turkish army received i.a. the first new-generation main battle tanks produced by domestic industry and the Bayraktar unmanned aircraft carrier.

Ismail Demir, director of Turkey’s military procurement agency, estimated earlier this year that the domestic industry could meet 80 percent of the country’s needs. the needs of the country. He added that in 2022, arms exports had reached a value of 4 billion USD.


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