Turkish ‘fire and move’ main battle tanks go to the test range

A historic moment is ahead for the Turkish armed forces. Today, April 23, they expect to receive the first two prototypes of the Altai main battle tank. Tests will begin in the coming months, with sources suggesting they will last at least 16 months. The tanks are expected to arrive today at Sakarya Arifiye for an official acceptance ceremony.

Turkish 'fire and move' main battle tanks go to the test range - Altay
Photo credit: Turkish MoD

The Altay tank has been updated following the conditions of the modern combat environment during the time that has passed since the production of the first prototype. Many subsystems that had problems with overseas deliveries were localized.

The combat capability has been increased by adding updated technologies and innovations, and the national tank has been redefined with the name “New Altay”, which has acquired additional characteristics related to the experience gained within the operations carried out by our army in recent years.

Turkish sources claim that the new Turkish tank has integrated quite a lot of digital technologies. Analysts comment that thanks to them, Altai will get the opportunity to detect enemy targets in a fairly short period. The new digital technologies will help Altai perform more accurate shooting, people familiar with the matter say.

First Turkish Altay tank comes in April with a Korean power group
Photo credit: Twitter

According to them, the fire control system is equipped with a laser rangefinder and a much more sensitive image stabilization system. In this way, the tank will be able to detect targets at long distances and accurately hit all targets that can be encountered on the battlefield with a high hit rate.

Thanks to the fire control system, “the fire and move” ability of the tank will be improved and the tank will be able to fire on its targets with a high degree of accuracy, both on the move and when stationary, on rough terrain or while carrying out of an evasive maneuver.

Hybrid protection

Survivability, which is one of the three most important tank capabilities, has evolved into a generation 3+ tank with the addition of advanced armor modules that provide modular passive protection and the Altay active protection system that provides active protection in the new Altay. Thus, the hybrid protection concept is also used with the new Altay.

It is completely designed by Turkish engineers. Another important feature of the new Altay is that it has a flexible architecture that can adapt to evolving technologies. Thanks to this characteristic, it was aimed to modernize it according to different concepts that the Turkish Armed Forces may need in the future.

Light at the end of the tunnel for the Turkish Altay tank
Photo credit: Mesut Er

In the new Altay, 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm weapon systems, in particular, ammunition racks, turret gear, rotor, flat periscopes, second-stage sniper auxiliary measuring system, slide ring, manual firing system, fuel heater and bilge pumps, hydraulic pumps, systems such as road wheels and cooling vests were also located.

In addition, all new Altay tanks will also have a simulator system and Turkish soldiers will strengthen their training under the control of their commanders in any environment, starting from a modern, efficient, and individual level.

In addition, more than 200 shots have been fired so far within the framework of ongoing tests with two preliminary prototypes of the tank, which were produced only to improve the shooting and mobility characteristics, and endurance tests of thousands of kilometers in different weather and terrain conditions were carried out with the preliminary prototype of Altay tanks.

Generation 3+ Altay tanks will begin entering the inventory after the completion of their testing by the Turkish Armed Forces [TAF].


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