Russian Korshun aircraft-type UAV takes off without a launch catapult

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — The Russian state news agency TASS informs that the “Inventors for the Front” association has created a drone that facilitates its use on the battlefield. The drone can be flown both by hand and from the ground. Korshun, as the drone is called, does not need a launch catapult. This is an important clarification, as the Korshun is an aircraft-type drone.

Russian Korshun aircraft-type UAV takes off without a launch catapult
Photo credit: TASS

A kite can fly at a maximum height of 3,000 meters. Its operational range is 170 km. The cruise speed of the flight is 70 km/h. A kite is 1.2 meters long, and its wingspan is just over 2 meters, i.e. 2.1 meters.

Aircraft-type drones are the most time-consuming to deploy. For example, these drones require a launch catapult, which takes about 15-20 minutes to mount on the ground, along with configuring the drone.

That is why Korshun is very useful, say representatives of the Inventors of the Front association. Their product deploys within 2 minutes. In this way, the mobile team is not forced to stay 15-20 minutes in one geographical area. This risks the enemy conducting reconnaissance and directing artillery fire or a kamikaze drone at them.

Team mobility and rapid deployment is the biggest advantage of the Russian Korshun drone. There is no word yet on how he would perform on the battlefield. Not tested yet of course. But its two-minute deployment proceeds with its fastenings crumbling. I.e. assembling a tail, and two wings and the drone is ready, says the association.

A kite can be fired in two ways – from the hand or from the ground. From the ground, the drone acts like a quadcopter, but with a slight difference. Only the take-off of Korshun is analogous to that of our famous quadcopters. I.e. the drone starts up, climbs vertically up to a certain height, freezes, “its front propeller turns on and it flies on like a single-engine airplane.”

The association says that kicking like a quadcopter allows the drone to store more energy. In this way, its stay in the air is increased. Korshun flies nearly two hours in the air, while, say, the Mavic we know only 30 minutes.

Korshun can be used in two ways. As a reconnaissance tool and as a combat tool. Although the association did not comment on the first possibility, it is implied that it exists. Nowadays, it is easier to configure a combat drone into a reconnaissance drone than the other way around.

The combat functions of the drone were also mentioned by representatives of the team that developed Korshun. The team says their product is designed to launch a variety of explosive munitions, including fragmentation grenades. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian armed forces have highly specialized in turning civilian drones into combat vehicles, precisely by enabling them to launch cluster munitions. There are hundreds of videos on the web showing the successes and failures of this type of weaponry.

In this regard, Russian developers say that soon the drone will be able to be sent to the war zone in Ukraine. Most likely, to conduct the first tests in real combat conditions, as well as the Korshun’s performance. If your test passes successfully, Moscow may place an order.

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