New world-class ECRS Mk2 radar for British Typhoons begins testing

LONDON, UK — In the coming years, the British Royal Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon will be equipped with new ECRS Mk2 radars. Dubbed “world-class radars”, the British Ministry of Defense announced on April 21 that the ECRS Mk2 prototype has now been delivered for testing at BAE Systems’ flight test facility.

New world-class ECRS Mk2 radar for British Typhoons begins testing
Photo credit: UK MoD / Twitter

London hopes the first UK Typhoons will start receiving ECRS Mk2 integration next year. This year is set for testing and possibly fixing problems or bugs.

ECRS Mk2 is an Italian production of one of the leaders in this branch – the Italian company Leonardo. With its help, British Typhoons in the future will be able to simultaneously detect, identify and track multiple targets in the air and on the ground. Last but not least and against the backdrop of modern warfare, the ECRS Mk2 will enable quality electronic warfare.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is the flagship of the British Royal Air Force. By integrating the ECRS Mk2, the Royal Air Force will be able to perform much stronger suppression and jamming of enemy air defense systems. Last but not least, the new radar will significantly increase the beyond-visual-range air attack capability.

What lies ahead in the coming months until the end of 2023 is the tests. Initially, the radar will be subjected to ground tests. In this way, in the BAE Systems flight test facility, all systems will be pre-tested and verified, as well as their functioning.

New world-class ECRS Mk2 radar for British Typhoons begins testing
Photo credit: UK MoD / Twitter

The next step is integration into an operationally ready British Eurofighter Typhoon. The fighter will carry out a series of flights that will confirm the readiness of the radar to be fully integrated into the entire Eurofighter Typhoon fleet.

New jobs

Radar doesn’t come cheap. Its development amounted to nearly 2.35 billion British pounds. This radar is part of the Typhoon upgrade program also known as Phased 4. This upgrade affected not only Great Britain but also Germany, Spain, and Italy.

From an economic point of view, the new radar comes with a new investment. This will ensure new jobs in the kingdom. According to the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain, they will be about 1,300. The entire Typhoon program currently employs at least 20,000 Britons, providing them with day jobs and a secure future.

Andy Start, chief executive of DE&S, says the ECRS Mk2 radar “will win the British Typhoons battles” and make it increasingly difficult for the adversary to compete with them.


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