Drunk Russian driver overturned the S-400 in a roadside ditch

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — The pride of the Russian air defense and called the “F-35 hunter” – the S-400, turned over in a roadside ditch. The incident happened on April 21 near Tula, near the village of Prudnoye, on the M2-Crimea highway.

'F-35 hunter' the S-400 air defense overturned in a roadside ditch
Photo credit: Twitter

The soldier who overturned the S-400 air defense system in the Tula region was tested on the spot for alcohol. The breathalyzer showed the presence of alcohol. This was reported by the Baza Telegram channel, quoted by the Russian media Gazeta.ru.

It is noted that during the medical examination, the dredger showed 0.337 mg / l in the truck driver. alcohol. According to the channel, a person can be prosecuted for damage to military property through negligence [Article 347 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation].

The S-400 anti-aircraft missile system overturned near Tula, near the village of Prudnoe, on the M2-Crimea highway.

The incident

'F-35 hunter' the S-400 air defense overturned in a roadside ditch
Photo credit: Twitter

A military vehicle with an anti-aircraft defense system was moving as part of a convoy of 8 tractors without an escort. The car, driven by a 33-year-old contract soldier, fell behind the convoy, then left the road and overturned.

The truck is overturned, but the car’s brakes turn out to be broken, so they decide to leave the tractor in place [under police and military guard].

Pictures later in the day showed that a tow truck and a crane truck had arrived at the scene and began working to straighten the S-400 and transport it back to the military base from which it had departed.

What S-400 SAM system is?

S-400 Triumph is a Russian long-range and medium-range anti-aircraft missile system, anti-aircraft missile system [SAM]. S-400 is designed to destroy all modern and promising means of aerospace attack [including hypersonic].

In the Baltics, S-400 air defense systems shoot down Su-27s
Photo credit: DefBrief

According to Western analysts, the S-400, along with systems such as the Iskander OTRK and coastal anti-ship systems of the Bastion class, plays a key role in the new concept of the Russian Armed Forces, known in the West as the “Access Denied Zone” [Anti-Access / Area Denial, A2 / AD], which consists in the fact that NATO troops cannot be and move within the range of A2 / AD restricted area systems without the risk of causing unacceptable damage to them.

Triumph is the name of the export version. The market price of one division of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system is about $ 500 million.

The performance characteristics of the S-400 Triumph are: detects a target at a distance of 600 km; strikes a target at a distance of 400 km; the maximum speed of the hit targets – 4.8 km / s; at the same time can fire 36 targets with pointing up to 72 missiles on them; deployment time of the system from the stowed state – 5-10 minutes; the time to bring the system’s assets into combat readiness from the deployed state is 3 minutes.

How does the S-400 SAM work?

The S-400 Triumph is not just an installation for launching missiles, but a whole complex of coordinated and complex systems, the components of which are located on high-cross-country vehicles.

The entire process from detecting to destroying a target occurs automatically:

1st – The radar system [radar] detects hundreds of targets within a radius of 600 km and determines their nationality.

2nd – Data is sent to the command post [55K6E]. He, in turn, distributes targets between several launchers [5P85TE2].

3rd- Each command post can simultaneously control eight air defense systems, each of which carries up to 12 launchers. They, in turn, accommodate four missiles with different masses, launch ranges, and capabilities.

India strengthens its air defense with delivery of new S-400
Video screenshot

4th – Depending on the type of target, an air defense system selects a missile. The S-400 Triumph is armed with missiles with different weights, launch ranges, and capabilities: 48N6E, 48N6E2, 48N6E3, 9M96E, and 9M96E2.

5th – Ultra-long-range missiles [up to 400 km] are capable of destroying targets even beyond the reach of targeting locators, for which they have unique homing heads. After climbing at the command of such a rocket itself goes into search mode.


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