Israel sends Ukraine its national Tseva Adom system, tests to come

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — Israel continues to deny Ukraine the shipment of weapons and ammunition. So far, Jerusalem has mostly sent humanitarian aid. Since the beginning of the war, Kyiv has been trying to obtain Israeli weapons. Washington even at one point began to pressure its Israeli partners with requests for the supply of weapons and ammunition.

Israel sends Ukraine its national Tseva Adom system, tests to come
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Kyiv will not yet receive an Iron Dome, so necessary to shoot down missiles and drones sent by the Russians on devastating missions. At the same time, Israel and Russia maintain their relations. Jerusalem has so far promised and fulfilled Moscow not to send lethal weapons to Kyiv to kill Russians.

In return, Israel agreed to send its nationally developed Tseva Adom system. In English Tseva Adom means Red Alert. As you may have guessed, this is a warning system that warns residents of an air raid.

The receipt of Tseva Adom is not a secret and has been known for several weeks. Israel and Ukraine mutually confirmed the news. On the Ukrainian side, after long negotiations and difficult negotiations, Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov confirmed the information. Benny Gantz, the Minister of Defense of Israel, confirmed on behalf of Israel.

The Israeli Defense Minister even announced that Ukraine has requested technical conditions for the creation of an early warning system for air attacks in Ukraine.

Using the system in Ukraine means that Israel will have to send specialist Israeli soldiers to help integrate it. They will also carry out the first tests. According to information in the Israeli media, the tests are expected to be conducted next month in May.

For Tseva Adom to work, Kyiv would have to allow Israeli soldiers access to their radar network. The system is unique in its way of working. Once integrated into the radar network, it has access to air threats. When it registers such a threat, the system sends warnings to the mobile phones of Ukrainian citizens.

But to cause panic among the entire civilian population, Tseva Adom signaled on mobile phones only citizens located in the region of the potential strike.

The system actually gives Ukrainians time to move to secure facilities, such as civilian bunkers, which are already all over Ukraine. Sometimes Ukrainians use special shelters for cover, which are not exactly bunkers.

Jerusalem will launch the system in May only in Kyiv. When the tests are successful and Tseva Adom is found to be working correctly, the Israelis will integrate it throughout Ukraine.


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