Sweden purchases 20 Patria 6×6 Pansarterrangbil 300 APVs in 2023

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — The Swedish army will be equipped with 20 Patria 6×6 APVs, which will be called Pansarterrängbil 300. The information was confirmed by the Finnish company Patria in a press release. According to the Finnish manufacturer, Sweden will receive the first batch of Patria 6×6 Pansarterrangbil 300 this year.

Sweden purchases 20 Patria 6x6 Pansarterrangbil 300 APVs in 2023
Photo credit: Patria

On the part of the Swedish Army, the Swedish Defense Procurement Agency [FMV] signed the contract with Patria. The choice of Patria 6×6 Pansarterrangbil 300 can be called logical, as Patria has united the choice of several countries in recent years. Patria 6×6 brings together cooperation between several countries, including Finland, Sweden, Latvia, and Germany.

For the past 24 months, the Finnish company has been supplying its platforms to key partners. For example, Latvia continues to receive an order in 2021, and in 2022 the Finnish army received its pre-production vehicles.

More will be purchased

According to Patria, the delivery of these 20 Patria 6×6 Pansarterrangbil 300 APVs is just the beginning. Oslo expects Stockholm to pick up speed and order hundreds of units in the coming years. This will come as no surprise since in 2022 Sweden will also join Patria’s 6×6 R&D program.

The troop transport vehicles, costing approximately 11 million kroner each [$1.06M], will form the backbone of the Swedish stock in the coming years and will be added to the regiments being built with increased defense spending.

About Pansarterrangbil 300 APV

The Patria 6×6 Pansarterrangbil 300 APV will transport up to 12 people [military personnel]. The company says the Swedish choice ensures that Swedish soldiers transported with the Patria 6×6 Pansarterrangbil 300 APV will receive the latest technology protection. One of the advantages of the Swedish-ordered vehicle is that it is modular. This means that apart from its traditional troop transport use, the vehicle will be configurable into other different platforms. For example, in a command center, a control center, or a military ambulance.

Sweden purchases 20 Patria 6x6 Pansarterrangbil 300 APVs in 2023
Photo credit: Patria

“It will be a vehicle that is robust, easy to drive, and low maintenance. This creates opportunities for cooperation both in terms of production, maintenance, further development, and joint use or what we call interoperability,” FMV said.

In the vehicles, ten soldiers can sit protected from shrapnel and fire, and a gunner can protect the vehicle. They are modular and can be converted into, for example, medical transport vehicles, and optionally can swim through bodies of water.


The Swedish military is well acquainted with Patria products. In recent decades they have used the services of Patria’s XA 6×6 and AMV 8×8. However, the Patria 6×6 Pansarterrangbil 300 APV is modern and advanced military technology, with new next-generation components. The Finnish company says that the Swedish lesson is another proof of both the quality they offer in their products and the promises they keep.

Mats Varsted, Head of Market Area Nordics at Patria. “The Patria 6×6 is also a very good example of Finnish-Swedish cooperation, where significant value is provided by Swedish suppliers such as the engine and its armor steel.”


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