Watch: UK-supplied Wolfhound MRAPs ready for offensive in Ukraine

KYIV, UKRAINE — An interesting video was published on the Telegram social channel. A column of at least nine visible British-supplied Wolfhound MRAPs is ready for action. When the video was recorded – cannot confirm. However, the absence of snow and green nature in the surrounding environment is noticeable. It is possible that the video was recorded several weeks ago, or just a few days ago.

Watch: UK-supplied Wolfhound MRAPs ready for offensive in Ukraine
Photo credit: You Tube

Dozens of soldiers are positioned around the British military vehicles. The Ukrainian Wolfhound MRAPs are lined up in column one, using the cover of bushes and trees around them. All machines are equipped with lattice armor from all sides, which should rob the cumulative energy of an enemy projectile.

Delivered in 2022

According to open data, the first deliveries of British Wolfhound MRAPs to Ukraine begin in the late spring and early summer of 2022. There is information that in May of the same year, Ukrainian troops were already trained in the tactical use of the Wolfhound MRAP and live fire with the turret-mounted heavy 12.7mm machine gun.

Unlike many platforms sent to Ukraine, the Wolfhound MRAP is relatively new. Entered service in 2010 as part of the British Army. Almost immediately, the platform was sent to its combat debut – in Afghanistan.

The Wolfhound MRAP has diverse functions on the battlefield. In addition to being used to transport soldiers, the combat vehicle can carry out patrol missions in the front-line positions. The British Army used this machine as part of their tactical groups.

The design of the Wolfhound MRAP is made up of three main key parts. The first is the egret. It is located at the front of the vehicle. In the middle is where the soldiers are transported. I.e. the transport compartment, which accommodates about 10 soldiers.

More about Wolfhound MRAP

On the tower above there is an integrated 12.7mm heavy machine gun, which we have already mentioned. In addition to this machine gun, however, the weapons station also includes a 7.62mm machine gun. Armored plates are mounted in the front of the turret to protect the gunner in the event of an explosion. The third part of the vehicle is the cargo area which is at the rear.

The Wolfhound MRAP is an armored vehicle categorized as an explosion-proof body. The chassis is a six-wheeled variant, V-shaped. The V-shaped variant is important to this design because it is assumed that the chance of crew survival is high. The reason – deflecting an upward blast from an anti-personnel mine [or improvised explosive device] away from the vehicle while presenting slanted armor.

UK has delivered to Ukraine Mastiff MRAP and Jackal SP vehicle

It’s unclear what the Wolfhound MRAP’s capabilities will be in the Ukrainian mud. From photo and video materials, we can see that in some places the soil is deep with a thick consistency. This makes any vehicle, including tanks, easily bogged down. In places, the ground is still frozen and allows easier movement of British transport and support vehicles.

However, according to official data, 670 km is the maximum distance that the Wolfhound MRAP can travel with a fuel tank. The maximum speed is 90 km/h. The transmission is an Allison 3500 SP model and is a six-speed automatic. The engine is a Caterpillar C-7, diesel, and providing a maximum power of 330 hp.


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