Captured Russian-origin T-90А tank spotted in the US for research

WASHINGTON, US — A Russian T-90A tank captured by the Ukrainians in 2022 was spotted on a trailer in Louisiana, USA. It is believed that the tank has either undergone or will undergo research. A photo of a tank being carried by trailer appeared on the web, published on April 13, 2023.

Russian-origin captured T-90А tank spotted in the US for research
Photo credit: Twitter

The appearance of the T-90 tank in the inventory of the Russian army was expected. Back in September 2022, reported on a captured Russian T-90 series tank. However, this tank was the latest modernization of the platform – T-90M Proryv. At the time, we assumed it would be probed by Ukraine’s Western allies and NATO to find its weak points.

Russian-origin captured T-90А tank spotted in the US for research

A report of a second captured T-90 surfaced late last year. In December, reported on this capture, and the tank was again a T-90M Proryv. Strangely, reports of the capture of the base version T-90A were absent against the background of more frequent reports of the capture of the latest version T-90M. Most likely, however, the Ukrainians captured the T-90A as soon as it was in Louisiana.

It should be noted that in late February, a Russian T-90 tank was spotted being transported by a truck and trailer in Oshkosh. This video may be somehow related to the photos shared earlier today. However, this is speculation, and since has no evidence for this, it makes a simple assumption.

Captured Russian-origin T-90А tank spotted in the US for research
Photo credit: YouTube

However, a strong impression is made by the absence of the traditional Russian markings on the tank since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. I.e. “O” and “Z” – the traditional symbols are missing.

The photo caused a lot of controversy. Some comments were that this is not a T-90 tank, but a T-72. However, the T-90A tank differs from the T-72 in one essential and highly noticeable element – on the left and right of the T-90A tower there is an integrated Shtora-1 an electro-optical active protection system. (They are marked in the photo). The T-72 does not have these two side openings on its turret. It should also be noted that the T-90A is significantly different from the T-90M.

T-90M Proryv vs. T-90

According to the designers from Uralvagonzavod, the new T-90M Proryv tank has received a more powerful engine. The standard configuration of the T-90 is powered by a 12-cylinder V-92S2 that provides 1,000 horsepower, while the new version of the tank gets 130 horsepower more power due to the 12-cylinder new V-92S2F engine.

Russian-origin captured T-90А tank spotted in the US for research
Photo credit: Twitter

The basic armament has not really changed. Both tank modifications use a 125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun, but the T-90M is a 2A46M-5 model. 2A46M-5 provides the use of new high-power ammunition, as well as a guided missile that allows you to destroy enemy tanks at a distance of up to five kilometers. The secondary armament consists of a 12.7mm Kord Heavy machine gun, and 7.62mm PKMT in both tanks.

One of the main upgrades received by the T-90M is the ability of the tank to have autonomous functions, ie. real-time data exchange with other vehicles. The tank has improved optical sights: a new PNM Sosna-U gunner sight, four video cameras that provide 360-degree coverage, and new day and night optical sights, including a thermal camera that detects enemy targets at 3,300 meters.

Last but not least, the T-90M has integrated Russian space navigation GLONASS, as well as inertial navigation systems [INS]. The armor is significantly enhanced by the use of Relikt explosive reactive armor [ERA] that covers more of the tank.

Oshkosh M1070 truck transports another captured modern T-90 tank
Video Screenshot


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