New Czech simulator of F-15E provides high level of immersion

PRAGUE, THE CZECH REPUBLIC — Soon, one of America’s flagships in combat aviation, the F-15E Strike Eagle, may have a new training simulator. It was developed by Vrgineers and Razbam Simulations. The new F-15E simulator could replace live training, the company claims. The simulator provides high levels of immersion, as described in the press release distributed to the media.

New Czech simulator of F-15E provides high level of immersion
Photo credit: Vrgineers

The new F-15E trainer will be shown for the first time in Rotterdam, Netherlands this month on the 17th. Then the IT2EC 2023 international trade fair begins.

High levels of immersion [to be understood very close to reality] are achieved through new 4K displays. The company says that the trainer is not heavy, and its deployment takes place within 30 minutes. This makes it extremely flexible and practical, which means it will also be easily transportable. The trainer also uses Vrgineers’ Portable Trainer and XTAL3 VR headset along with Razbam’s F-15E software model.

The main idea of the manufacturer is that every single pilot has easy access to this simulator. The company believes that this will happen sometime around 2030. The mobility, small size, and weight will allow any future or current F-15 pilot to train even from home. It will only need to connect the simulator interface to the centralized synthetic training environment. This will be possible through a secure VPN.

Vrgineers describe their product as so practical and easy to use that virtually anyone will be able to become an F-15 pilot. According to expert F-15E pilots and trainers, such a simulator cannot offer the sensation of speed.

But we are increasingly seeing the game-changing integration of synthetics into such platforms, replacing outdated technologies in learning processes. One of the first innovators in this regard is Great Britain. There, the Royal Air Force unveiled its Gladiator synthetic training system this year.

London says this system will not replace real live training with a real fighter jet. But the synthetic training system will have to supplement this training. These systems are well suited for mission performance, combat tactics, and joint operational air operations. Activities that are too expensive if the training is temporarily increased in the air.

The RAF says its new training system will include the Typhoon, F-35, Airseeker [RC-135 Rivet Joint], and Joint Fires Synthetic Trainer.

However, Vrgineers’ dream is to reach a 1:1 training system. This means integration into the future mixed reality (MR) training system. According to the company’s plans, the public may become familiar with this integration at the end of this year.

The F-15E model also integrates the new TALON AI, a co-pilot AI capable of handling tactical tasks such as locking the target and navigation.


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