China ‘strikes’ the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier in a simulation

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — China launched precision simulation strikes on foreign targets. This was reported by security sources cited by Reuters. They say that in addition to the mock strikes on Taiwan and key Taiwanese targets, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has carried out mock strikes on “foreign military targets”. According to them, one of the targets was the aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz. recalls that the American aircraft carrier is currently stationed in this region.

China 'strikes' the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier in a simulation
Photo by MC3 George J. Penney III

The mock strikes come on the second day of what Beijing called “measures determined and effective in protecting the national sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the People’s Republic of China. The reason for these measures is the visit of the President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen to the United States. Political scientists note the fact that the “measures” take place immediately after the official visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by Ursula von der Leyen.

These measures take the form of large-scale exercises around Taiwan. In reality, Taiwan is currently surrounded on all sides by Chinese military platforms. These include 70 military aircraft, nine warships, and at least one aircraft carrier. This encirclement happened on the very first day of the exercise. According to military experts, the main objective was to “immediately establish control of air and sea space”.

Chinese message

China’s Ministry of Defense issued a strong warning message to justify what is happening now. According to the circulated text, the Chinese actions were dictated to deter the attempts of separatists and foreign forces to establish an “independent Taiwan”.

Observers in the region as well as Taiwanese media reported the presence of 58 Chinese aircraft during the second day of the exercise. Along with them, Beijing has sent a second H-6 bomber. Thus, the region currently has two bombers extorted by Su-30, J-16, J-11, and J-10 fighters. It was a part of these fighters that were spotted near the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone [ADIZ].

Taiwanese-US response

Chinese J-16 approaches an Australian P-8A and starts firing
Photo credit: Chinese MoD

Taiwan has said it will not escalate the conflict despite the presence of an aircraft carrier, ships, bombers, fighter jets, and nine warships in the region. Taiwan also announced that it will not provoke disputes and respond reciprocally.

In addition, the United States again urged China “not to change the status quo” in the Taiwan Strait. “We are confident that we have sufficient resources and capabilities in the region to ensure peace and stability,” US diplomacy said.


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