Poland to repair Ukrainian T-64 and Leopard 2 tanks in one place

WARSAW, POLAND — The Polish Arms Group announced via Twitter the creation of a service center for T-64 tanks on the territory of the Bumar-Labedy plant. The center is supported by the Ukrainian concern Ukroboronprom. The establishment of cooperation between the entities to service Leopard 2 tanks is also being considered.

Polish sources say that the Bumar-Labedy center will most likely take over the repair of the German tanks. This means that the Poles may repair T-64 and Leopard 2 tanks in one place.

This information means an increase in the number of countries with the capacity to service T-64 tanks. Earlier, the Czech Republic announced support for the operation of these Ukrainian machines. The Czech Republic, like Poland, has never dealt with such repairs before. Due to the destruction of most Ukrainian factories that could work on these tanks, it was necessary to transfer these tasks outside of Ukraine.

The choice of Poland is not accidental, as the Poles have experience with Soviet constructions. More than a year after the Russian invasion, T-64 tanks are still the backbone of the Ukrainian armored forces, but more and more of them are not in the combat zone, but in the repair shops.

This information is very important not only for the Ukrainian army but also for the Polish PPOs, who will receive new capabilities and orders to implement them in the coming months. The work on the T-64 may include not only their maintenance but also partial modernization.

Photo credit: UkrOboronProm

Before the Russian invasion, Ukraine was supposed to have over 600 tanks of this type in service and several hundred more in reserve. It is therefore possible that some of the vehicles being restored to service will be sent to Poland. There they will regain their technical efficiency and be subject to, for example, modifications.

In addition, tanks damaged in battles will be repaired, allowing them to be returned to units faster due to the additional processing capacity.


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