Kill Russian TOS-1s before they reach Ukrainian war zone – US expert

WASHINGTON, US — The Russian TOS-1 Soltsenpek heavy flamethrower system must be located and disabled long before they reach the Ukrainian war zone. This is the opinion of American military expert Mr. David Hambling, quoted by Newsweek and EurAsian Times.

Kill Russian TOS-1s before they reach Ukrainian war zone - US expert
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Mr. Hambling sees TOS-1 as a serious threat to Ukrainian intentions. He defines the Russian system as efficient and powerful. The TOS-1 is capable of causing serious damage to the Ukrainian military or infrastructure.

According to a report from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the effect of the TOS-1A on soldiers is devastating. Death occurs after significant damage to internal organs and flash burns.

The Blazing sun

On April 4th, we reported that Moscow was sending its newest modification to the legendary system, the TOS-1A, for the first time. However, there are some reports from the past months of the war in Ukraine that indicate that the TOS-1A has already been used. However, this time it’s about sending a quantity, not single units.

Kill Russian TOS-1s before they reach Ukrainian war zone - US expert
Photo credit: Twitter

TOS-1A is also known under the term “blazing sun”. The system causes panic among the opposing troops. EurAsian Times writes that according to the opinion of a Russian colonel [without naming him], this system “is terrifying without a Western analog”. “I am confident that their skillful use will bring our victory closer,” the Russian officer was quoted as saying by the EurAsian Times.

In recent days, after it became clear that Russia was zipping a quantity of the “blazing sun” on the front in Ukraine, quite a few videos of its action began to appear on the web. At least one TOS-1A system is said to have attacked the center of Bakhmut weeks ago.

Vladimir Solovyov, a state television host and Kremlin propagandist also confirms the use of TOS-1. In one of his comments in recent days, he urged Moscow to “continue to use thermobaric weapons” calling for more bloodshed in Ukraine.

How does it work?

The Russian TOS-1 and TOS-1A systems use projectiles with thermobaric warheads. When ignited, the blast uses the surrounding oxygen to cause a high-temperature explosion. This creates a vacuum.

Kill Russian TOS-1s before they reach Ukrainian war zone - US expert
Photo credit: Twitter

According to an expert, this weapon is “very dangerous” because the initial explosive charge detonates on impact with the target, causing the fuel container to disperse with the surrounding oxygen and destroy everything in its vicinity.

The Soviet Union, and later Russia, used this system in several conflicts. The most memorable use of the systems is in the war in Afghanistan and Chechnya. Ukraine and the last destination where Moscow uses the destructive power of its thermobaric “blzaing suns”.

About TOS-1A

Otherwise, the TOS-1A is the latest version of the TOS-1 flamethrower system. It was developed in 2001. TOS-1 has already been used in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. has repeatedly reported on destroyed Ukrainian positions and destroyed TOS-1 systems by the forces of the Ukrainian army.

TOS-1A is operated by a crew of three. TOS-1A is a self-propelled flamethrower system using the T-72 tank chassis. 24 rockets are loaded into the system, and a separate 48 rockets are loaded into the reloading system of the flamethrower.

Russian troops deployed an iconic flamethrower weapon in Ukraine - TOS-1A
Photo credit: MWM

The maximum range of the TOS-1A is up to 6,000 meters, while the minimum is up to 400 meters. The interesting thing about the system is the ability to launch several rockets per second. The system’s missiles are unguided, but an additional engine in their design allows for an increased range. The system can cover a distance of up to 500 km, and the maximum speed it develops is 60 km/h.


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