First 16 Su-35 Flanker-E fighters arrive in Iran within days

TEHRAN, IRAN — According to Turkish military sources, Iran expects the delivery of the first Su-35 Flanker-E fighters within days. The information has not been officially confirmed, but for now, only rumors strengthen the claims that within days Tehran will receive a delivery of the Su-35.

Iran buys 24 Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E fighters produced for Egypt
Photo credit: UAC

Tehran is expected to acquire 24 Su-35 Flanker-E fighters. The order for 16 fighters has certainly been confirmed, with the possibility of acquiring the remaining eight. According to various reports, the Su-35s that were produced for the Egyptian order will be delivered to Iran.

It is entirely possible and logical that it is the Egyptian Su-35s that will be sold to Tehran. The deal between Moscow and Tehran was completed relatively quickly, meaning that Sukhoi should have had re-engined fighters in stock that it had not yet engaged in the war with Ukraine. In early March, Iran’s Mehr news agency confirmed that the Iranian Air Force had purchased the 16 fighters.

There is also talk in the US that Iran will acquire Russian fighter jets. Washington has so far refused to confirm that this will happen for days, but there are indications that perhaps US intelligence has such information, although it remains silent. The indications came from three representatives – McCaul, Wilson, and Kean. On March 29, they sent a request to US Secretary of State Mr. Anthony Blinken to impose sanctions on Tehran under the CAATSA. The request for economic sanctions is precise because of the acquisition of the Su-35.

About the delivery of the Su-35 to Iran in 2023, was one of the first blogs to inform the public. Already in December of last year, we reported that our sources claimed delivery of the Su-35 this year. Almost a month later, in January, our second source also reported that in the spring [March-April] Iran will receive the first fighter jets from Russia.

Su-35 supply to Iran is key for several security indicators in the region. First, Tehran will finally increase the combat capability of its air force. Although, according to information from Tehran, the aircraft initially selected was the Su-30, later officials from political circles in the Iranian capital said that the Su-30 is no longer of interest to the Air Force.”

Russia will unveil the export Sukhoi Su-57E fighter in India - Su-35 fighter jet
Photo credit: Rosoboronexport

Second, with the arrival of the Su-35, it is widely rumored that Tehran will order the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system in the coming months. If that happens, the Su-35 and S-400 will be a serious deterrent against Israel’s desire to strike at the heart of Iran’s nuclear program.

We know that the main threat to Israel and Iran’s nuclear program. However, it must be attacked within the country. This means that the F-16 and F-35 are in serious trouble if Tehran has the Russian anti-aircraft missile system operating in a constructive technological pair with the Su-35.

Foreign Su-35s might take off from a Mideast hidden air base
Photo credit: MWM

In recent weeks, Israel has carried out several airstrikes against positions in Syria it says are closely linked to Iranian funding. This could also be a clear signal that the Su-35 is expected to land in Tehran soon.

There is another indication that the Su-35 delivery time for Iran is decreasing rapidly. Satellite photos just a month and a half ago revealed a mock-up of the Su-35 at the entrance to the underground Iranian Air Force base Eagle 44. This means that Tehran has mostly explored the technical possibilities of whether the base will be able to accommodate a squadron of Su-35s. The wingspan of the Su-35 obliges Tehran to find out if this particular base can become the home of the Russian fighter.

If this happens, at a later stage, some analysts may conclude that the deal between Russia and Iran has been in the works for a long time and the construction engineers have built an underground base based on the size and capacity of the Su-35.

Iran has profited handsomely from the raging war in Ukraine. Tehran felt the right moment to turn into a major ally of Moscow. And if China maintained some neutrality until months ago, Iran began to directly supply weapons systems to Russia.

Foreign Su-35s might take off from a Mideast hidden air base
Photo credit: MWM

Thousands of Shahed-136 drones are said to have been delivered to Moscow. There is a lot of evidence for this, especially from the photos and videos coming from Ukraine. But Tehran holds the reins of the new friendship tight. After the delivery of drones, Tehran is preparing for joint production of these drones on Russian territory. Moscow and Tehran deny such claims.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal’s sources, land has already been selected for the construction of a factory in Russia to provide at least 6,000 drones for the war in Ukraine. The land, sources say to the American newspaper, is in the city of Yelabuga.


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