Pyongyang might send 50,000 troops to Ukraine to support Moscow

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Pyongyang may send 50,000 troops to support Russia’s special operation [a term used by Russia instead of “war” or “invasion”] in Ukraine, claims Russian journalist Mr. Alexander Sladkov. According to him, unanimous permission from China is waiting for the North Korean soldiers to end up in Europe.

Pyongyang might send 50,000 troops to Ukraine to support Moscow
Photo credit: The Sun

Mr. Sladkov is a well-known Asian expert on topics related to wars in the world and especially the Russian war in Ukraine. He says that North Korea “feels in the same boat as Russia” and therefore stands firmly in support of Mr. Vladimir Putin. According to the Russian expert, such a decision can be taken at any moment. Mr. Sladkov was referring to his sources in Pyongyang, he said in the video message.

The Russian claims that weeks ago there was a call from the authorities in Pyongyang to recruit volunteers to participate in the war in Ukraine and protect Russian interests there. 800,000 volunteers are said to have signed up in our first, according to Sladkov.

Sladkov’s words come at a time when North Korean propaganda is trumpeting the possibility of war between North Korea and Washington. Mr. Kim Jong Un’s sister, Ms. Kim Yo Jong, is believed to have had a major influence on the decision to send local soldiers to Europe.

“I was talking to a friend of mine who is the head of an organization for Korean War veterans. He was here recently. I said what do you have? He said: 50,000 special forces are ready to be deployed,” Sladkov said.

North Korea and Russia may take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic
Photo credit: Inosmi

We have no way of knowing whether Sladkov’s claims are true or not. Last year there were reports that North Korean missiles were used in one or two attacks. However, they were unmanageable and for this reason, Moscow refused further supplies.

Similar claims came from the US, which said that in exchange for the missiles, Moscow was sending weapons and ammunition to North Korea. Claims of a bilateral arms exchange, however, were rejected by Moscow and Pyongyang.

The idea of North Korea’s participation in the war in Ukraine is not from now. However, the fact that it is now that Sladkov mentions “his North Korean source” may tell us that for one reason or another, the propaganda in North Korea has intensified.

Before the start of the war, relations between North Korea and Russia were not nearly as friendly as they had been during the Cold War era. The situation in Ukraine has changed these relations and warmed them. Russia needed new allies after being totally isolated from major players on the international stage, North Korea also took advantage of the situation to “huddle with Russia again”.

Although, years ago, the relationship between the two countries was not what it is today, Russia very often opposed UN resolutions against North Korea and vetoed them, along with China. Now the actions of the UN Security Council at the time are being used skillfully by Moscow, and North Korea is showing its gratitude.

Photo credit: Wikipedia recalls that North Korea immediately recognized the independence of the two self-determined republics [LPR and DPR] and publicly expressed its support for Russia at the beginning of the war in February 2022.

In this way, Russia guarantees itself a supplier in reserve, as it happens. Iran and North Korea could become the main supplier of the Russian military [after the local arms industrial complex] and thus guarantee Russia to wage war in Ukraine at the same pace as now. I.e. Russia can succeed in waging a long-term war.


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