F-16s painted over with Ukrainian insignia but no Ukrainian pilots

PANAGYURISHTE, BULGARIA — There are reports that Ukrainian pilots are being trained on the F-16. Similar actions were expected in the course of the war in Ukraine, which has been going on for more than a year. 2023 will most likely bring two offensives – one by the Russian army, the other by the Ukrainian army. The second, however, could change the future of the continent and the world.

Yankees land in Taiwan to upgrade local 140 F-16A/B fighters
Photo credit: Pixabay

Journalist Mr. Stephen Bryen writes in his analysis that a NATO-US “false flag” is possible. He suggests that at some point there will be American F-16 fighters painted over with Ukrainian insignia. According to him, however, the pilots in the cockpits of the fighters will be pilots of the United States or of the NATO allied forces.

I have always said in my comments that the main problem in Ukraine is time. The willingness to supply weapons from allies is not missing, but logistics is difficult. This is exactly what Mr. Bryen points out in his comment. He says that training time for Ukrainian pilots is insufficient. It also highlights another hitherto undisputed problem – there are not enough spare F-16 models to join the fight.

In fact, if you follow the speeches in the last year, you will find that there is already “foreign” participation. Britain has confirmed that it has its own special forces on the ground. They are engaged in training Ukrainian personnel. Some experts even suggested that the sinking of the flagship of the Russian fleet – the cruiser Moskva – was with the participation of British marines. This information cannot be officially confirmed for now.

F-16s painted over with Ukrainian insignia but no Ukrainian pilots
Photo credit: DGS World

It is a known fact that Ukraine uses the intelligence capabilities of NATO. Alliance early warning drones and aircraft are circling along borders in the region. The planes have more powerful radars that can “illuminate” the movement of Russian troops at a depth of 300 km. Kyiv also benefits from US satellite intelligence. There are already quite a few opinions, even from Washington, that Ukraine does not fire HIMARS without receiving an order with precise coordinates from the Pentagon.

Look for no morality in either of the two belligerents or among their allies. War is not logic, it is an interest. Therefore, the emergence of similar tactics on the part of the USA and NATO is possible. If it happens, it will also be normal for the situation.

According to Bryen, repainted Ukrainian fighter jets with foreign pilots will be used in the offensive to retake Crimea. There are several reasons, but the main one is the almost uniform amount of air defense systems in the region. Unlike eastern Ukraine, where Russia has deployed a line of air defense systems, there are not so many in Crimea. At the same time, there are Ukrainian air defense systems near Crimea.

It is assumed that not a small part of the delivered air defense systems with a short and medium range of activities will be located precisely in this part of Ukraine. With the new and old air defense systems, Kyiv will provide countermeasures and cover for the “Ukrainian F-16s”.

The blue and yellow repainted F-16s will provide additional support. They will most likely not be used daily. However, they will be needed during the offensive actions of the ground forces. Air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles will be used most often, the analyst says.

Missile Shtil shot down a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 UAV near Crimea
Photo credit: YouTube

Of course at some point in the offensive and depending on air superiority, these F-16s will receive other instructions. For example, attacking Russian armor and command centers in the region. Army units and barracks will also be targeted. In Crimea, however, the US and NATO will have to open radio transmission centers and radar stations. If they are “cut by the Ukrainian F-16s”, the Russian army will be exposed to greater danger.

I am doing this analysis because it seems that someone is preparing society for exactly this. Allegations of a foreign presence in Ukraine since last year intensified just a week ago. Hungarian President Mr. Viktor Orbán announced that his country will maintain neutrality. He made this statement hours after he said there was a possibility that NATO troops would be sent into Ukraine.

Possible scenario

The US Army’s 101st Airborne Division has been in Romania since almost the beginning of the war. 5,000 soldiers do daily training. Colonel Ed Mataides within a few months in 2022 announced, heard “if the call comes” his soldiers enter Ukraine. The 101st Airborne Division is only part of the US and NATO contingent around Ukraine.

US Army's 'Screaming Eagles': We enter Ukraine if NATO is attacked
Video Screenshot

Russian strategists, for example, say Poland will be a key player. Since the beginning of the war, Warsaw has undertaken a large-scale modernization of its army. It was planned, but in 2022 it was rushed at a great pace. Tanks, artillery, and planes. According to Russian strategists, Polish troops can enter Ukraine and guarantee the security of Lviv.

The most likely Russian response would be to attack warehouses and arrays in Poland and Romania – and, almost certainly, airfields supporting the war. Bryen writes that if the Russian and Ukrainian offensives become a fact, Europe is on the brink of disaster. I wonder who exactly pursues this goal?


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