Military combat vehicles cross Bulgaria on their way to Ukraine

SOFIA, BULGARIA — Dozens of trucks loaded with military combat vehicles cross Bulgaria on their way to Ukraine. This is what the Bulgarian media claims in its weekly report. According to the media, the trucks come from Greece, cross Bulgaria, and enter Romania. From there they are distributed to Ukraine, claims

Military combat vehicles cross Bulgaria on their way to Ukraine
Photo by Radko Paunov, 24 chasa

Bulgaria has become a transit country since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Not only Greece, but Turkey also used the Bulgarian road infrastructure for the delivery of armaments. Crossing military equipment is not always for Ukraine, however. There are data that NATO uses the Bulgarian infrastructure for the transport of military equipment for upcoming or already completed military exercises in the region. This was the case on October 1 last year, when two dozen Abrams tanks were ordered to be transported along the Trakia highway. refers to information from another Bulgarian media – 24 hours. According to the newspaper, tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks, and all kinds of combat vehicles were loaded onto platforms pulled by Romanian-registered tractors. Newspaper 24 Chasa writes that they transit through our border without checking them. They are loaded at the port in Alexandroupolis [Greece] and go to Ukraine, the newspaper said.

Along the entire route from the border between Ormenio, Orestiada, Soufli, and Alexandroupolis in the direction of Bulgaria, Romanian trucks loaded with combat vehicles are constantly moving. In the opposite direction, unmanned tankers go to pick up NATO equipment from the port.

Souda Bay North

For the last time, large military equipment arrived in Greece in early March. According to the Greek colleagues of, the US transport ship Liberty Pride delivered military equipment to the port of Alexandroupolis, northern Greece. Then the Greeks said that this equipment was intended for the Atlantic Resolve 23 exercise and Defender Europe. This exercise is organized by NATO and involves member states of the alliance.

The Liberty Pride is one of NATO’s main transport ships. It is 200 meters long and is capable of carrying a huge amount of military heavy armored equipment. The ship is American, but it is assigned to the structure of NATO to serve the needs of the alliance in Southeast Europe.

Alexandroupolis has become a key hub for military equipment in recent months. According the news portal, among the American command Alexandroupolis is already called by the Americans Souda Bay North. The Americans have a Souda Bay base on the island of Crete.

Military combat vehicles cross Bulgaria on their way to Ukraine
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Huge transport ships are expected in Alexandroupolis to unload military equipment that will be transported to Northern Europe, NATO countries, the Baltic, and especially to the countries bordering Russia. “The port will be filled with combat helicopters, tanks, cannons, missiles, multi-purpose missile launchers, everything that the most advanced military industry can offer,” the Greek report said.


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