Nuclear strike has been conducted, take potassium iodide – Russian TV

MOSCOW, RUSSIA“Nuclear strike has been conducted… go to the nearest bomb shelter, take gas masks with you. In their absence, use cotton and gauze bandages. Take potassium iodide pills. Keep calm when your well-being deteriorates, contact the nearest medical institution”.

Nuclear strike has been conducted, take potassium iodide - Russian TV
Video screenshot

This message was announced last night, March 9, by television stations in Moscow, Sverdlovsk region, and Yekaterinburg city. The television program was interrupted, and the background of the map of Russia in red color fills the depiction of the areas affected by the nuclear strike. “All to shelter immediately,” reads a message written at the bottom of the yellow TV background. Next comes the display of the familiar radiation sign.

This is not the first time such a hacker attack has happened. Turns out it’s the third in a month. For the first time, however, the hackers’ message mentions taking potassium iodide pills with them. The Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation issued a press release calling it a false alarm and a hacker attack.

A video recorded by citizens with their phones shows the full message of the hacking attack. However, some Russian citizens comments think this is a trick by the Kremlin. According to them, the Kremlin is trying to prepare citizens for a suspected nuclear attack. All this comes against the background of the intensifying Russian invasion of Ukraine and the fierce bombing of Ukrainian positions and infrastructure targets in recent days.

Nuclear strike has been conducted, take potassium iodide - Russian TV
Video screenshot

There is currently no official confirmation of who is responsible for the attack. No hacker, paramilitary or military group has claimed responsibility. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began more than a year ago, Russian media has been the target of several hacking attacks. This includes not only television but also radio stations, as well as government or news sites.

Several hacker attacks

For example, nearly a month ago, a similar hacking attack for an alleged nuclear missile attack was carried out on several television stations. Regions such as Belgorod, Stari Oskol, Ufa, Kazan, Novouralsk, Novosibirsk, Pyatigorsk, Tyumen, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, and Magnitogorsk were affected then, as well as several places in the Moscow region.

Earlier, the video address of Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin was interrupted and temporarily hacked. Then almost all Russian TV channels were affected in all the time zones of Russia, which are 11. so far, no responsibility has been taken by hackers for the attacks. According to some sources, the hacker attack was a DDoS.


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