In ‘Cold War’ style, Kremlin subs deploy off American shores

WASHINGTON, US — Just a few days ago, Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will build more nuclear submarines. “To guarantee the security of our country for decades,” the Kremlin host explained his decision. Mr. Putin made this statement at the commissioning ceremony of the fleet’s new nuclear-powered submarine Generalissimus Suvorov.

Russia acquired Belgorod sub: carrier of 6 nuclear Poseidon torpedoes
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This statement comes at a time when overseas claims that the old Soviet tactics, Cold War-style, are already underway. Observers and intelligence say Moscow has nuclear submarines off the US coast. “There are indications that ‘nuclear submarines are located off the coast of the United States and in the Mediterranean Sea and elsewhere in the European periphery.’ These claims are from Michael Peterson, director of the Russian Maritime Research Institute [RMSI].

Observations in recent months show a similar trend, they say in the US. There are reports that, in addition to Russia’s huge nuclear fleet in the Black Sea, Moscow has nuclear submarines in the Mediterranean and near the coast of the United States.

More troubling, some military experts say, is that they have no information. The US does not know the number of Russian submarines located where it is claimed. However, this is in slight opposition to the first statement, since if the number is not known, how are they supposed to be located. Of course, the claims at this point are based on speculation, and the assumptions are that Russia has greatly increased its nuclear submarine arsenal over the past decade.

In recent months, however, both we and other observers have noticed disturbing facts. First, the Belgorod submarine, which carries nuclear bombs, disappeared from NATO radars last year, after the start of the war with Ukraine. A few months later, in January of this year, reports arrived that Belgorod had conducted a test of the Poseidon nuclear torpedo. It should be noted that the torpedo was without a nuclear charge. Around this time, it was announced that Russia had already produced the first nuclear warheads for the Poseidon torpedo.

Russian UUV caused a tsunami 57x higher the Empire State Building - poseidon torpedo
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The Russian Navy is not the largest in the world. China and the US certainly outnumber him. But the Kremlin has diversity in the field of military underwater attack power. A legacy inherited from the Cold War and the Iron Curtain when the USSR dominated this branch of naval power as well. It is one of the few legacies of the Cold War era that Moscow has managed to preserve.

Today, Russian submarines are everywhere. The world’s largest submarine fleet worries NATO and the US. These are not dry claims, but facts supported by both sources and senior military personnel. US Air Force General Glenn Van Herk gives facts on the allegations. According to the general, last year the Severodvinsk submarine was deployed in the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, a second submarine of the same class was deployed in the Mediterranean. Again, at the same time, a third submarine was on its way to deployment in the Atlantic Ocean.

Russian Severodvinsk submarines, also known as the Yasen class, are the latest Russian development in the field of submarine warfare. According to Western comments, these are extremely dangerous submarines that are capable of simultaneously carrying out up to several missions. The risk from these submarines exists, and as a confirmation, the comment of Rear Admiral Michael Studeman, Commander of the Office of Naval Intelligence shows just that.

According to Rear Admiral Studeman, tracking Russian submarines is a difficult task, even with two US flanks. The military tactician said that the reason for this is the patrolling that Russian submarines carry out in the Atlantic Ocean. I.e. further proof that Russian submarines are everywhere and in constant motion.

Russia acquired Belgorod sub: carrier of 6 nuclear Poseidon torpedoes
Photo credit: Sevmash

On the other side of the “iron curtain” [unfortunately it still exists] Russian analysts express their comments. The opinion that the USA is ready to strike Russia is very common. The reason – Washington is about to lose its fine dominance.

It is for this reason, Russian experts analyze, that the submarines are part of Moscow’s plan. Greater production of nuclear submarines to deter potential American aggression. It is no accident, say the Russians, that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the topic of the use of nuclear weapons has not left the news.

The production of nuclear submarines in Russia is currently slowed, but not stopped. The war in Ukraine has somewhat “shuffled the cards” in the budget plans. Despite the war in Ukraine, however, the current deployment of Russian submarines around the world worries the Pentagon.


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