France received two all-terrain tracked repairers for Leclerc tanks

PARIS, FRANCE — The Directorate General of Armaments [DGA] of France has received two refurbished Leclerc all-terrain tank repairers [Dépanneurs de char Leclerc rénovés in French – DCLR]. The official Twitter account of the DGA announced the news. Thus, the army of France now has four units of the DCLR. Paris has ordered a total of 18 units and they will arrive in stages over the coming months.

France received two all-terrain tracked repairers for Leclerc tanks
Photo credit: Twitter

The DCLR is a French all-terrain mobile-tracked workshop for front-line heavy armored fighting vehicles. It is organized around a body and a longer chassis than that of battle tanks. The Leclerc tank repairer is a heavily armored vehicle designed for the recovery and evacuation of tanks over 50 tons. Its equipment allows it to participate in heavy maintenance operations, ensure the safety of crossings and map the terrain.

DCL is the Army’s only all-terrain vehicle repairer. It can also be used to benefit armored vehicles other than the Leclerc. DCL tows most army armored vehicles. Among them are AMX 10RC, VBCI, AMX 30DT, AUF1, LRM, EBG, etc.

By the way, it can be equipped with a demining kit [K2D], consisting of a wide-width demining plow, a demining corridor marking device, and a DEMETER duplicating magnetic signature marking device.

The DCL is 9.5 meters long, 3.50 meters wide, and just over 3 meters tall. Depending on its application, the weight of the repairman changes. When in operational readiness the DCL weighs around 56 tons. However, when it is brought into full combat readiness, its weight increases by four tons.

An MTU engine drives the 56-ton crawler. This provides at least 1,500 horsepower, the same as French tanks. Its fuel tank can hold 1,586 liters of fuel.

Part of the DCL equipment includes a main winch with a force of 35 tons and a length of up to 180 meters. There is also a secondary winch, called auxiliary, which has weaker parameters. I.e. the auxiliary winch has an effort of up to 1.5 tons and a length of up to 230 meters. This indicates that it was intended to be towed on smaller armored fighting vehicles on the battlefield.

In addition to the two winches, DCL has a crane with a load capacity of up to 30 tons. It can rotate 270 degrees around its axis, with a maximum elevation of 70°. In the front part of the chassis, a shovel with a width of 3.40 m.

The autonomy and/or range of the vehicle is 550 km on the road at an average of 53 km/h. On the road, however, the maximum speed can reach up to 68 km/h. The passing capacity of DCL e 60% slope, 30% slope, 0.6m ford, no dipping passage.


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