400 next-generation tanks can be produced annually by Ukraine

BERLIN, GERMANY — Ukraine needs between 600 and 800 tanks to defeat Russia. This conclusion was made by Mr. Armin Papperger, head of the German arms concern and one of the world’s arms leaders, Rheinmetall. The opinion was expressed in connection with the news that a new military trial is being prepared in Ukraine.

See what the latest Rheinmetall 130mm Kf-51 tank looks like
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It is a question of building tanks of the next generation KF51 Panther. According to businessman Papperger, the company is negotiating with the Ukrainian government to build a plant on Ukrainian land. The investment will initially be 200 million euros, the German company says. According to Papperger, Ukraine will be able to produce 400 main battle tanks per year. According to German sources, it will become clear very soon what the outcome of this proposal will be – within two months, says Papperger.

When asked if the war in Ukraine will end soon, the German businessman was concise but definite. According to him, the war will not end soon. Ukraine’s allies will continue to supply weapons to repel Russian attacks. But these supplies are currently “keeping Ukraine in the game”. I.e. Ukraine cannot currently take back the temporarily occupied territories from Russia.

Mr. Papperger explained that the sooner the construction of the plant in Ukraine begins, the sooner Kyiv will have a next-generation main battle tank in the foreseeable future. Asked if the war would interfere with Rheinmetall’s plans, Papenger explained that there are ways for the plant to protect itself from Russian attacks, even in wartime.

According to the German businessman, the Leopard 2 tanks will not solve the problem of Ukraine. Mr. Papperger said that even if Germany delivered all 300 Leopard 2s to Ukraine at this point, it would have no impact, and it would be too small.

Mr. Papperger also said that Russia does not have the same resources as Western countries, but recalled that despite this fact, he does not see Moscow reducing attacks and the use of ammunition and equipment. This statement once again confirms the information that the West does not have a clear idea of what Russia has, as well as the production capacities of the Russian Federation.

BulgarianMilitary.com recalls that Russia continues to invest specifically in tank production. There are reports that the Russian Federation is returning to the strategy of a multi-thousand-tank fleet. Three new factories are opening in Russia for the production and repair of tanks. They, together with the largest tank plant in Russia, UralVagonZavod, will have the ability to meet the needs of the Russian army.

Mr. Papperger recalled that Rheinmetall is actively working to fulfill the requirements of the German government for supplies to Ukraine. 30 Leopard 2 tanks are now ready for Ukraine after undergoing major overhaul and repair. The company is currently working to bring at least 20 more into operational readiness.

See what the latest Rheinmetall 130mm Kf-51 tank looks like
Photo credit: Twitter

BulgarianMilitary.com reported some time ago that Ukraine may also receive the older version of the Leopard 1 tank. The German businessman explained that indeed Rheinmetall is ready to put at least 88 into service if it needs 100 Leopard 1s.

At the same time, Rheinmetall is the leading company that has to fulfill another German promise – the supply of a Maredr infantry fighting vehicle. Mr. Papperger explained that 40 units have already been put into operation, and by the end of the year, they are expected to reach 100.


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