UK removes Ajax AFV noise/vibrations with new antiphons and seats

LONDON, UK — The British Army’s new Ajax combat vehicle is alive again. At least according to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. The program is now back as a priority because, according to Wallace, the issues have been resolved.

No good news: British Ajax's trials could drag on until 2025
Photo credit: General Dynamics UK

Let’s recall: the main problem in Britain’s 5.5 billion GBP program for new combat vehicles was noise and vibration in the vehicle. How did London and General Dynamics solve the problem? By supplying and integrating new earmuffs with built-in hearing parts for better communication, refitted seats with better cushioning, and improved joysticks and controls.

I.e. there is no structural and engineering solution to the Ajax transmission and suspension. Apparently, there will be no such decision on the soundproofing of the vehicle body. It turns out that after months of trying, the only way to isolate the noise and eliminate the vibrations is to new antiphons and seats.

Dozen of problems

For the 13th year in a row, the British Army has not had a single Ajax vehicle available for deployment. 589 Ajax vehicles are to be accepted into service. Ajax had to receive armaments nearly six years ago. However, dozens of problems beset its development. The main ones were serious noise in the vehicle compartment and strong vibrations. It got to the point where the development was so bad that dozens of soldiers were injured during tests.

The Ajax program has come under heavy criticism. It got to the point where it was declared “a complete disaster and a real mess” from the rostrum of the British Parliament. 180 vehicles have been built to date. 43 of them are participating in the trials, and the rest are “on standby”.

The integration of the new antiphons and seats in the test Ajax is now a fact. Even more – according to the British press, the tests were successful. I.e. “the two innovations” have solved the problem of noise and vibration. The British military is already talking about the next stage of the vehicle’s development: a reliability test.

The British defense secretary said, the new antiphons and seats “is the cure”. According to him, the tests have shown great results and the program is moving forward. According to Wallace, the tests are expected to be completed in the next 16 months. I.e. in a year and a half, the first Ajax units will have to enter service in the British Army.

589 modern British 40mm Ajax V8 AFVs may never enter service
Photo: Wikipedia

Ajax tests

It is a little-known fact, but there is a redesign of the British Ajax. This redesign affects the combat ability of the vehicle to fire while firing. The redesign was necessary because earlier tests also showed problems. The redesign was made on the recommendation of the soldiers participating in the vehicle’s tests.

At the moment, Ajax has gone through several tests. The test is at least 50 tons of armor to defend the right one. 120,000 km were traveled by all test vehicles in the testing process. Ajax’s weapon systems have fired 9,000 rounds to date.

The Ajax program is a combat vehicle equipped with a turret with a 40mm gun. Other options are being developed, including a “workhorse” for transporting people. A total of six varieties are expected to be received by the British under the Ajax program. Among them are command vehicles, and repair and rescue vehicles.


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