Rare Japanese Toyota HMV BXD10s at Russian Army: delivery or prey

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — An interesting video has appeared on Russian and Ukrainian Telegram accounts. Rare Japanese armored Toyota HMV BXD10 vehicles are seen in the video footage. According to the claims of a Ukrainian Telegram account, the video was recorded in a Russian garage for repairing damaged equipment from the war with Ukraine. Next to the Japanese vehicles, a Russian armored vehicle Scorpion LTA-2B can be seen.

Rare Japanese Toyota HMV BXD10s at Russian Army: delivery or prey
Photo by Hunini / Wikipedia

The author claims that the Russians wanted to present the Toyota HMV BXD10s as a trophy. But according to the Telegram author, Ukraine did not receive such weapons from Japan. On the contrary, writes the author, Toyota HMV BXD10s are a common vehicle on the Russian market. However, it is not specified whether it is a civilian vehicle of this model or a military one for the Russian markets.

There is another version – delivery of Toyota HMV BXD10 even before the war. Such a claim is baseless as there is no official record of such delivery being made. I.e. there is no record of delivery of Toyota HMV BXD10 to both Ukraine or Russia.

Converting a civilian vehicle into a military armored vehicle is a complex process and realistically groundless for the Russian military. But, it is reported that 133 military armored Toyota HMV BXD10s were sold on the civilian market. However, it is not clear who the buyers are. I.e. the possibility that these are vehicles from the civilian Russian market is possible.

About BXD10

The Toyota HMV BXD10 is a variant of the Japanese military Toyota Mega Cruiser. The Toyota Mega Cruiser is the Japanese version of the American Humvee. BXD10 is a version that was made for military purposes such as personnel and military equipment transportation. In JSDF service it was called High Mobility Vehicle, or HMV. The same variant exists as a Type 93 surface-to-air missile launcher.

The Toyota Mega Cruiser and its variants were produced from 1995 to 2001. However, open data does not make it clear whether the vehicle is still in service. According to some, the Japanese withdrew this military equipment from the Japanese army a long time ago. According to others, there are still Japanese units that use them. Otherwise, the manufacturer Toyota has produced a total of 3,000 units of various variants of the armored military Toyota Mega Cruiser.

The Toyota Mega Cruiser is a front-engine, four-wheel-drive vehicle. It has four doors and is in the SUV category. It is powered by a turbo-diesel engine model 15B-FTE I4, which is 4.1 liters. The vehicle’s transmission is a 4-speed Aisin A443F automatic. Its wheelbase is 3,395 mm [133.7 in]. The vehicle is 5,090 mm [200.4 in] long, 2,170 mm [85.4 in] wide, and 2,075 mm [81.7 in] high. The curb weight of the Toyota Mega Cruiser is 2,850 kg [6,283 lb].


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