Abrams tanks in Ukraine will be useless – Jake Sullivan, WH

WASHINGTON, US — Here is the situation: there are no signs that Ukraine will receive Abrams tanks. Speeches from recent hours support BulgarianMilitary.com’s analysis from recent weeks. Starting as excellent news for Ukraine, the topic of Abrams tanks gradually turns into an impossibility.

3,000 M1 tanks in stock, but US refrains from delivery to Ukraine
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Lenta.ru cited in an interview with the American television channel CNN, the National Security Adviser of the USA, Mr. Jake Sullivan, expressed the opinion that there is no point in sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine. According to his statement, the US president is beginning to encounter opinions among senior military personnel around him that Abrams does not make sense in Ukraine, therefore Leopards are the best option.

If we follow the chronology of events, we will find that Washington never wanted to send American-made Abrams tanks to Ukraine. The decision for 31 Abrams tanks for Kyiv was part of a diplomatic agreement between Germany and the US.

Under serious political pressure from neighbors and allies in NATO, and in particular from the USA, German Chancellor Mr. Olaf Scholz agreed to the re-export of Leopard to Ukraine. The condition was that Washington would do the same by sending Abrams. However, weak German diplomacy shines through. Germany has blindly accepted, to clearly guarantee public support, the conditions for Leopard and Abrams, without agreeing on terms, corridors, logistics, and above all: when and how Abrams will arrive in Ukraine.

With these actions, Berlin is about to come under even greater pressure in the coming months. Soon the Germans will realize that their Leopards are fighting in Ukraine, winning and being destroyed, but alone. There will be no Abrams.

Russia recalled the destruction of Abrams tanks with RPG-7s
Photo credit: Wikimedia

The first signals of this claim were noticed by BulgarianMilitary.com already last year. Call them even “crisis PR”, but Washington does not want to see pictures from the battlefields of Ukraine of destroyed Abrams. The last hours have shown exactly that – an official Washington has announced that the delivery of Abrams to Ukraine may take more than 12 months. Just two weeks ago, Washington claimed that by the end of the year, Kyiv would receive what was promised. As of today, the deadline has been extended beyond these 12 months.

Washington is preparing to solve a serious problem – which Abrams tanks and where to get them to be sent to Ukraine. In the context of modern warfare, this claim is so frivolous that one wonders how difficult it is for the Pentagon to decide in just one month exactly which 31 tanks to send. Yes, it’s a 31 tank, not a 300, not even a 310.

Another representative of official Washington spoke on the subject. Mrs. Christine Warmuth, Secretary of the Army, said that Washington is currently drawing up plans to deliver the Abrams. According to her statement, the Pentagon will still evaluate the possibility of the tanks ending up on the battlefield by the end of the year. But according to her, there are real options for delivery within two years, with the optimal one being a year and a half.

Various options will be sought as to which tanks will be delivered, Warmuth also said. At the same time, US Defense Secretary Mr. Lloyd Austin “left the door wide open” for “future justifications”. His plans even include building tanks for Ukraine “from scratch.”

Although, according to statements and comments from official Washington, there is another reason for the apparent reluctance to send Abrams to Ukraine. It is related to technology. Taking so long to deliver just 31 tanks to Ukraine means Washington will be careful about what configuration it chooses for the Ukrainian tanks. If you think they will be the ones operating in the US or foreign operators – you are sorely mistaken.

Russia: US doesn't want photos of Abrams stuck in the Ukrainian mud
Photo credit: YouTube

Washington will decide which technologies to remove from the tank so that they do not fall into Russian hands. This means that Abrams will be seriously “neutered” in terms of combat capabilities. In fact, the statement that Abrams will be useless in Ukraine is true.

This tank is much heavier than the German ones, not to mention the Russian ones. In this regard, the Ukrainian infrastructure in its part “bridges” is not adapted for the passage of heavy tanks through bridges. They were designed for the much lighter Soviet and Russian tanks.

The use of specialized fuel for the American Abrams is another problem that will “shin” if these tanks ever come to Ukraine. This means even more complicated and almost impossible in real combat support logistics.

There are also slightly different opinions about the alleged delivery of the Abrams to Ukraine. Some believe that Washington is deliberately delaying the delivery of 31 tanks to see how the war in Ukraine will be resolved by September. It is assumed that this period of the year will assess the need for Abrams in Ukraine.


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