Poland is considering a delivery of MiG-29s/F-16s to Ukraine

WARSAW, POLAND — The President of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda, announced that Warsaw is considering providing MiG-29s to Ukraine. Poland has 29 Soviet MiG-29A/UB fighters. Six of them are used by the Polish Air Force for training and training. In his statement, Mr. Duda added that if a coalition was formed to supply US F-16 fighter jets, Poland would join.

Poland has delivered MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine but in parts
Polish Air Force MiG-29 © Sunburn1979 on Wikimedia

BulgarianMilitary.com recalls that, in addition to Poland, the Netherlands also intends to consider the delivery of F-16s to Ukraine. Just a few days ago, Amsterdam officially announced that there was an inquiry from Kyiv for the re-export of F-16 fighter jets. The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands, Ms. Kaisa Olongren announced the news on February 10.

The Netherlands has announced that it will discuss the “understandable request”, but implementation is a rather complicated process. According to Mr. Olongren, in addition to the fact that the US would have to allow the delivery of F-16s to Ukraine, the Dutch government would have to seriously consider the possible consequences of such actions.

At the moment, there is no information on whether Warsaw will ask for compensation for the delivery of MiG-29s to Ukraine. It is possible, but this is only an assumption, that Poland will ask its Western partners for a weapons platform equivalent to ensure the eventual delivery of Soviet fighters to Ukraine.

As for the delivery of the F-16, this decision must first be approved by Washington. Over the past few weeks, the White House has said on several occasions that it will not change its position on the re-export of F-16s to Ukraine. I.e. The US does not intend to provide F-16 fighters at this stage.

Last year, American media reported that Ukrainian pilots were training on military simulators in the United States. A frequently quoted trainer of the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II American attack fighter. Video footage of the training process was even published.

Earlier this year, official Kyiv complained that the topic of fighter jets for Ukraine had always been discussed and had never “left the negotiating table”. Such a statement received support from official London “who supports and heralds” this idea.

Many experts have spoken so far about the delivery of aircraft to Ukraine. According to them, this issue may not be resolved this year. The most frequently mentioned fighter is the F-16, but the most preferred by pilots and military tacticians is the Swedish JAS 39 Gripen. In this regard, only a few days ago Kyiv sent to Stockholm a request for the provision of this type of aircraft.

32 retired F-16 Fighter Falcons found a new operator in the Balkans
Photo credit: Wikipedia

At the same time, on February 9, during a meeting between Ukrainian President Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky and his Slovak counterpart Mr. Eduard Heger, a conversation related to combat aircraft was held. Ukraine has asked Slovakia for MiG-29 fighter jet. In the words of Mr. Heger, quoted by several media, “Slovakia will do everything in its power to satisfy Zelensky’s request.”


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