Britain is silent but agrees: Argentina negotiates for F-16s

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — Argentina is about to solve a long-delayed problem blocked by Britain. This is the acquisition of new fighters for the Argentine Air Force. Brazilian portal AirWay reports on a delegation arriving in Argentina to negotiate a future deal.

Ukraine: We will get either F-16 or Gripen, talks are underway
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AirWay writes that a technical delegation from Denmark, the United States and experts from the American F-16 manufacturer Lockheed Martin are already in Argentina. A technical evaluation is pending, says another publication – Zona Militar. The F-16 requires a much different infrastructure than what Argentina has. In this regard, the delegation must assess precisely the technical possibilities for deployment, operation, and maintenance of the F-16 on the territory of Argentina.

Most likely, the two publications write, Buenos Aires may invest in the construction of a completely new infrastructure for the F-16. recalls that Argentina intends to acquire not new aircraft, but second-hand aircraft. They will come from Denmark’s inventory, which explains why a Danish delegation is also part of the technical delegation.

Currently, the Argentine Air Force has a limited inventory of aircraft. Operational combat aircraft are IA-63 Pampa, which are also used for training and training. The role of fighters is performed by 24 American A-4 Fightinghawks.

Argentina deployed Pampa III combat aircraft near the Falklands
Photo credit: FAA

Years ago, Argentina operated with the French Dassault Mirage III. But the international embargo that Britain imposed on Argentina affected both the acquisition of new fighters and the renewal of older systems, such as the Dassault Mirage III. Although the Dassault Mirage III is French-made, Britain has a serious influence on its partners.

The arrival of the technical commission in Argentina suggests that Britain is already aware of the purchase intentions. What’s more, she has most likely already given her tacit consent. Thus, after the end of the Falklands War, which separates the two countries, we are about to witness not a warming of relations, but most likely interstate tolerance.

As suggested in October of last year, London will be forced by circumstances to give the green light to the acquisition of the F-16, despite the reluctance of London Buenos Aires to renew its air fleet. If London had not approved the acquisition of the F-16, the US, and Great Britain risked Russian or Chinese fighters landing in Latin America and thereby increasing their influence there.

London’s ban on a new Argentine air force led to speculation in the media about what “Eastern Bloc” fighter jets would land in Argentina. There was talk of the Chinese JF-17 and the Russian MiG-35.

Pakistani JF-17A defeated MiG-35 in a passionate 'Argentine tango'
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Commander of the Argentine Air Force, Brigadier General Xavier Isaac, said that the technical delegation is about to visit some Argentine air bases. According to local sources and according to both websites, one of the possible bases is the one on the outskirts of Buenos Aires – VI Brigada Aérea de Tandil.

In reality, the presence of the technical delegation in Argentina is a consequence of the fear of starting future conflicts in Latin America. British politicians have clearly realized that “Conservatism for the sake of the past” can be the trigger that activates these conflicts.


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