Russia recalled the destruction of Abrams tanks with RPG-7s

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — American Abrams tanks did not perform well during the Iraq war, as they were easily destroyed by Soviet-style grenade launchers. This was said by the Russian political scientist Mr. Semyon Bagdasarov.

Russia recalled the destruction of Abrams tanks with RPG-7s
Photo credit: Wikimedia

Convoys of Abrams and other American armored vehicles have been stopped by detonating roadside mines and then hit with RPG-7s, including standard ammunition, noted Orientalist Mr. Semyon Bagdasarov in an interview with SMNews.

“The side armor penetrated quietly and lightly, the crew and troops were destroyed,” Bagdasarov said.

Earlier, Turkey accused the US authorities of seeking to threaten most countries in the world and called this method of foreign policy “Washington’s last trump card”, Infox reported.

The US will deliver 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine by the end of 2023. 187 Leopard 1 tanks allowed by Germany for re-export, and 14 Challenger 2 units pledged by London to Kyiv.

Legendary RPG-7V2 grenade launcher expects next-generation rocket
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According to sources in the US, the manufacturer of Abrams General Dynamics is ready to increase its production if Washington wants to increase the supply of tanks to Ukraine. General Dynamics announced that it could force one of its factories in Ohio and produce 12 tanks a month for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

Washington promised Kyiv that 31 tanks would be delivered by the end of the year. This decision was announced in the middle of last month after Germany and Britain also allowed the re-export of their main battle tanks to Ukraine.

However, Washington emphasized that it will take time to deliver the Abrams tanks. The Pentagon is not committed to exact deadlines. The US will have to consider which re-export versions to supply to Ukraine.

Sources claim that it is impossible for Abrams tanks, either Series 1 or 2, from the US Army’s inventory to be delivered to Ukraine due to the secrecy of their armor. Most likely, US analysts say, Ukraine will receive deeply crippled Abrams tanks.

Only days ago, Russian experts suggested that the Russian armed forces could use two types of anti-tank missiles against Western tanks.

Russia recalled the destruction of Abrams tanks with RPG-7s
Photo credit: Rudaw

Kornet and Ataka ATGMs will successfully counter the Western tanks. Apart from them, the Vikhr ATGM also has the potential and striking firepower to penetrate the armor and blow up the German, American, and British tanks. Rostec also says that 125mm Mango shells will be a nightmare for the Leopards of Ukraine.

“Combat experience has shown that these tanks can be destroyed even with the help of old portable anti-tank missile systems, which are significantly inferior in terms of characteristics to the weapons in service with the Russian army,” Rostes said. recalls that Western tanks do not have dynamic protection [ERA]. Rostec makes a direct reference to this information, saying that the Russian-made Vikhr and Ataka missiles will simply “deal with tanks”.


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