Silhouette of a 6th-gen Chinese fighter jet appeared in the sky

BEIJING, CHINA — In 2020, the first claims emerged that the US had developed the technology demonstrator of its future sixth-generation fighter. Two years later, a similar claim covered the theory that China had also developed its own technology demonstrator.

Silhouette of a 6th-gen Chinese fighter jet appeared in the air
Photo credit: Military Watch Magazine

An interesting video comes from that Asian country. In late January, video footage showed the silhouette of a tailless fighter jet in mid-air. However, the video footage does not capture the flight directly, but a monitor through which the aircraft is observed.

There is no official information that this is the technological demonstrator of the Chinese sixth-generation aircraft. It can be a computer graphic or a model of the technical demonstrator. But the “thing” that appears on the screen is different from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force J-20 fifth-generation stealth fighter.

The source claims that the footage was shot over Institute 611. This is the flight technology area of Chengdu Aircraft Corporation, the company that manufactures the J-20.


Silhouette of a 6th-gen Chinese fighter jet appeared in the air
Photo credit: Twitter

The technology demonstrator of China’s sixth-generation fighter program is called the J-XX. If the information is confirmed and it turns out that this is indeed a test flight of the demonstrator, then this will match the predictions. And they are – China is advancing alongside the US in developing its “sixth” fighter jet quickly, ahead of Russia and other countries with next-generation fighter jet intentions.

Even years ago, it was claimed that China was developing its “sixth fighter jet” without a tail. It is for this reason that the video arouses such interest. Experts say that in this way the stealth characteristics of the aircraft will be improved compared to the J-20.

There are also speculators, of course. One is that the J-XX will operate with retractable canards. This means high maneuverability and improved stealth when not deployed.

Western analysts say Beijing is expected to put its sixth-generation fighter jet into service around the same time as Washington. There may be a small difference of a year or two at most.


Silhouette of a 6th-gen Chinese fighter jet appeared in the air
Photo credit: Twitter

It is said that around 2030, the USA should put its sixth-generation fighter into service. A few hundred dollars will cost a unit of it. Unlike the F-35, Washington plans to produce smaller quantities. But recent years have seen a race between China and the US, which means that initial plans for the amount of aircraft produced could be changed if China dramatically ramps up production of its sixth-generation fighter.

The US and China are significantly ahead of their competitors. It’s not just now. For example, the F-35 and J-20 are the only fifth-generation fighters in the world. And while Russia expects to build its first Su-57 squadron in the coming years, China has long since done so. Logically, China’s technological progress over Russia for a sixth-generation fighter is years away.

It is expected that when China and the US enter into service their sixth-generation fighter jets, the two countries will open a huge gap in this area between them and the rest of the world.


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