Russia shows Su-35 pilot: 800 flights, hundred destroyed targets

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — The crews of Su-35S fighters of the Western Military District during flight missions destroy enemy military targets using a wide range of aviation weapons. Combat flights of Su-35S fighter pilots during the destruction of military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine [VSU] on January 30, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed.

Russia shows Su-35 pilot: 800 flights, hundred destroyed targets
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“Currently, the Su-35 is the best fighter. I am not afraid of this word. An extensive weapon system – both on the ground and in the air – makes it an excellent vehicle. The fighter is very maneuverable and uses a deflectable thrust vector. It is equipped with air-to-air missiles [long, medium, and short range], long-range air-to-ground missiles [against radar, stationary targets],” said the deputy commander of the aviation squadron Alexander.

During the Ukraine war, the pilot Alexander made over 800 flights. The lieutenant colonel was awarded the Order of Bravery and the Nesterov medal. It destroyed hundreds of air and ground targets.

According to him, the main task of the squadron is to destroy air defense systems, which he and his colleagues do excellently. To solve the set tasks, the combat tasks of operational-tactical aviation are performed from temporary airports.

Before flight

The weapons of the fighters are checked by specialists from the aviation complex, the missiles are checked for serviceability, then the serviceability of the missiles is checked from the cockpit with special systems, added the pilot.

To destroy the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and destroy radar stations, and air defense systems, the crews use guided high-precision missiles of various “air-to-air” and “air-to-surface” classes. Combat sorties are conducted day and night in all weather conditions.

The super-maneuverable fighter Su-35S breaks away from the runway and climbs hundreds of meters in a few seconds. Then he lays down on a combat course. A minute later, the next car is scattered in the afterburner. The Su-35S can climb at a speed of almost 300 m/s to a maximum height of 20 km. At afterburner, its engines accelerate the plane to 2,500 km/h.

Su-35 Pilot: 'My job is to cover the bombers and attack aircraft'
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Su-35S in Ukraine

The Su-35S is one of the most maneuverable fighters and can carry up to 8 tons of combat cargo. Designed primarily as a fighter, the Su-35S allows pilots to also fly bomber missions. It can carry air-to-surface missiles and aerial bombs under its wing. The accuracy of the hits has been repeatedly registered in practice by the objective control system, the military department added.

Ugledar clashes

On the same day, the correspondent of Izvestiya Kiril Olkov showed how gunners and tank crews help the marines of the Pacific Fleet to move deeper into Vagledar. The epicenter of the military clash is Ugledar in the southeastern part of the city. The correspondent noted that the fighting is no longer on the outskirts, but on the outskirts. The Russian military occupied strategically important positions that were previously occupied by the armed forces of Ukraine.


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