Ukrainian Abrams will be neutered due to highly classified armor

WASHINGTON, US — A new phase of the war in Ukraine begins at the beginning of 2023. We assumed that winter would be a time for solving problems, changing tactics, and new arms deliveries. This is happening right now. Although, the Russian occupiers in Ukraine are not stopping with their aerial missile raids.

US M1A1 Abrams might get 'hunter-kill' anti-helicopter sensors
Photo: Wikipedia

Finally, Ukraine will receive the armament it has been dreaming of since February 24, 2022. The tanks that are the backbone of NATO [Abrams and Leopard] will meet their Russian opponents. There is even talk that the time will soon come for Western fighter jets to join the Ukrainian resistance. Until then, we have the information provided to us.

The American “iron armor and shield” Abrams will be watched with more interest than the German Leopards. America vs. Russia. Even in a hybrid war with each other, sending Abrams tanks is a turning point in human history. That is why we need to understand what Washington can and cannot send to Kyiv.

Not now and not immediately

Abrams tanks will not arrive in Ukraine now. According to some analysts, this will happen by the end of winter. Some say it’s even optimistic to speculate that Abrams tanks will be in Ukraine by mid-spring.

31 promised by Mr. Joe Biden will make their way to Ukraine at some point. The version will be M1. The US has stocks of M1 tanks. I.e. not only in the US, but Washington also has tanks in Europe. From now on, we should be aware that it will be some time before Abrams tread the Ukrainian mud. There is a lot of water to go by then and there is no telling what will happen.

We should also know that it is highly unlikely, if not impossible, that Washington will send operational-ready Abrams from the US Army inventory. There are details that the US will try to hide from Russia if Abrams is captured. Therefore, in the coming months, the Pentagon will carefully decide which version to send. This will likely be a specially modified export version for the war in Ukraine.

The problem is the armor

Abrams is equipped with tricky electronic components. The fueling gas turbine of the tank is one of the problems that not only the Russians see, but also the Americans themselves. The tank is really difficult to maintain and this statement is not Washington PR, it is a fact.

Next-gen Abrams comes with PASEO and independently 30x113mm RS6
Photo credit: US Army

But what the Pentagon will try to remove from Ukrainian tanks is the armor of the American configuration of the tank. It is not by chance that Abrams is nicknamed “Iron Shield”. The tank’s armored packages are highly classified. Their development is so secret that even the staunchest allies of the United States very difficult, very hard, and with incredible exceptions get access to such armor.

I.e. no matter what or when the tanks before setting foot in eastern Europe will be specially configured. And the configuration will be primarily aimed at the armor of the tank.

Green Grape

To give you an idea of the secrecy, we will say this: the Abrams tanks in use in Australia, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia have nothing to do with the American Abrams. Precisely because of the armor.

The program is called Green Grape. It is so secret that to say the program is secret is an understatement. Green Grape has developed depleted uranium [DU] armor. All American Abrams packages include a remote control. I.e. high density material. According to some unconfirmed sources, in addition to DU, the armor includes advanced ceramics.

That’s it. There is no more information about the armor. The remaining information unknown to us falls through the passage of dozens of security protocols. They are classified as “sensitive national security information”.

Even more secrecy

Polish Land Forces get first Abrams A1M2 SEPv3 of 250 ordered
Photo credit: Twitter

The Pentagon is not kidding about US national security. Secrecy is at such a high level that Washington is not looking for several, but a single manufacturer of the future armor. So far, three candidates have participated in the tender and all three have been rejected.

The reasons are different. The first company has experience in armor development, but not in DU work. The second company even has experience with the Abrams tank, has personnel who test the Abrams, and have worked on the armor of the Abrams tank. But this company does not have access to properly secured facilities where DU is processed. The third company was from Poland and, logically, has no experience in working with DU and did not provide real opportunities to work on the Abrams armor, as required.

Export variant

Most likely, Ukraine will receive a revised export version. Even this is sure to be so. Look, even the last buyer of Abrams Poland will not get what the Americans have. The Poles and other Abrams customers have semi-export armor without the presence of DU. There are specially developed export versions for these and others.

The question is who? You may not know, but Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the biggest operators of Abrams, after the US. Washington will have to convince one of the two countries to donate tanks to Ukraine. Both countries are partners of the US but have strong ties to Russia.

Abrams SEPv4 is being prepared for lethality and survivability tests
Photo credit: Twitter

A complex secret agreement between the US and the two countries would be required. It is possible, of course, that Washington will seek supply from the smaller Abrams operators. But again, diplomacy can prove to be an obstacle.


Yes, there may be an indirect impact from the transfer of the American flagship to Ukraine. Why? Love is another problem that the American and Ukrainian armed forces will have to deal with. It takes time, and therefore the tanks will not arrive in Ukraine that quickly.

Today there are reports that military aid has been promised. But this is only the beginning. Ukrainians will have to train on Leopard and Abrams. The gap from the statement to the actual fighting in Ukraine is a time luxury that is vital for Ukrainians. And they can’t afford it.


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