Small batch of T-14 Armata tanks is prepared to enter Ukraine

LONDON, UK — According to British intelligence, a small batch of the latest Russian T-14 Armata tanks is already ready for use on the front. However, Moscow is hesitant to use them due to doubts about their technical condition. As reported by European Truth, this is what the British Ministry of Defense review of the war in Ukraine says.

main battle tank t-14 armata
Photo credit: Wikipedia

It is noted that the Russian Federation has prepared a small batch of T-14 for use on the front in the war against Ukraine. This would be the first combat use of this model. However, Russian fighting forces are said to be hesitating because of an “unsatisfactory condition.”

It is not yet clear what “unsatisfactory condition” is stopping the production of the T-14 Armata. It is said, according to Western reports, that Russia has problems with the tank’s engine. It is also mentioned that problems have been found in the thermal imaging system of the main battle tank.

In 2021, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu described production planned for 2022 as an experimental batch. So it is unlikely that any of the T-14s in use meet the standards of a new weapon that can be considered fully ready for use, the review said.

British intelligence has already devoted one of its latest reviews to the Armata tanks, saying that if the Russian Federation throws them to the front, it will be primarily for propaganda purposes, since the use of these tanks is a risk for the Russian army.

Newest Russian tank in the mud at a training ground in Kazan
Video screenshot

The Russian armed forces currently use T-72, T-80, and T-90M Proryv tanks for their war with Ukraine. In November, we reported that the T-14 Armata was conducting tests at a military training ground in Kazan. A video of part of the T-14 training session was recorded. It showed a T-14 Armata tank moving at high speed on off-road muddy terrain, closely followed by Russian infantrymen.

That video was one of the reasons some speculated that Russia was preparing to send its newest main battle tank to Ukraine. Shipping is possible. Russia has shown in recent years that it is not afraid to test its new weapons in combat conditions. Syria was often used to test the Armata, Su-57, and new modifications of the Su-35.


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