Moscow sees Leopard’s uranium cores munitions as dirty nuclear bomb

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russia has said that Germany’s Leopard 2 tanks are equipped with sub-caliber armor-piercing shells with uranium cores. Their use in Ukraine against the Russians will be seen by Moscow as the use of “dirty nuclear bombs”. This was stated by the head of the Russian delegation Mr. Konstantin Gavrilov in Vienna at the OSCE Forum on Military Security and Arms Control.

Berlin continues to give Leopard 2A4 tanks, 15 go to Prague
Photo credit: Defence View

“We warn the Western sponsors of the Kyiv war machine not to encourage nuclear provocations and blackmail,” Mr. Gavrilov said. “We know that the Leopard 2 tank, as well as the Bradley and Marder BMPs, are equipped with sub-caliber armor-piercing shells with uranium cores, the use of which leads to contamination of the area, as happened in Yugoslavia and Iraq,” the Russian diplomat added.

Russia threatened

In the case of supplying Kyiv with such projectiles for NATO’s heavy military equipment, we will consider this as the use of dirty nuclear bombs against Russia with all the ensuing consequences.

According to Gavrilov, Western countries forced Germany to make a decision on the transfer of armored vehicles to Ukraine.

“The Allies initially threatened Berlin with international isolation if it refused to hand over the Leopards. Then none other than the representative of the US State Department, Ned Price, announced the “urgent news” about sending the German “beast” to Kyiv. This is how transatlantic “solidarity” is forged, the representative of the Russian Federation was outraged.

According to Gavrilov, Berlin made a conscious choice in favor of “German tanks with crosses on their armor to attack Russian soldiers again.” The head of the Russian delegation threatened to destroy these war machines, as well as other NATO weapons.

The meeting in Ramstein

On January 25 Germany announced that it would send 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Germany also approved the re-export of Leopards from third countries. All this happen after several months of discussions and another meeting at the Ramstein base.

Germany’s new defense minister, Mr. Boris Pistorius, said that Germany could provide Ukraine with the first Leopard main battle tanks in about three months, and before that, it would start training Ukrainian soldiers to operate these tanks.


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