Russia: US doesn’t want photos of Abrams stuck in the Ukrainian mud

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — In recent weeks, the topic of Western tanks in Ukraine has escalated. The Abrams and Leopard tanks are the most frequently mentioned. Although Challenger 2 is already contracted for delivery. The Challenger 2 is the main battle tank of the British Army. Abrams and Leopard are NATO’s main battle tanks.

Russia: US doesn't want photos of Abrams stuck in the Ukrainian mud
Photo credit: YouTube

Russian political scientist Mr. Andrey Klintsevitz thinks that the topic of tanks for Ukraine is exaggerated. According to him, Washington has other fears. They are related to the international markets that the US dominates. According to Mr. Klinzewitz, the US fears for Abrams’ image. He says Washington is seeking to eliminate the market positions of its competitors. In Leopard’s particular case. Therefore, Washington wants Germany to deliver tanks and Abrams to “stay dry” outside Ukraine.

Mr. Klinzewitz says the Abrams tank is the pride of the US military. “A fortress that has almost always been in some dominant state,” says the political scientist. He recalls that the tank is an offensive weapon. Thanks to tanks, armies can wage maneuver warfare. At the same time, the tank is prestige for any army.

Reputational losses

But the Russian expert sees Washington’s reluctance to send Abrams to Ukraine from a different perspective. “For them [the Americans – ed.] there are very big reputational losses if these Abrams get stuck in the mud. I recall that they weigh 70 tons. And ours weigh 50 tons even with ultimate load,” says Mr. Andrey Klintsevitz.

Photos of US tanks stuck in the mud directly hurt the reputation of the weapon. Abrams will start losing the market. Yes, the Americans are right, says Mr. Klinzewitz, that the tank is difficult to maintain and repair in field conditions on the ground. It is for this reason that Washington does not want the web to be flooded with such photos.

Mr. Klinzewitz doesn’t see Abrams’ only problem as his weight. According to him, the gas turbine engine is another weak point of American tanks. This engine, the Russian says, is hard to work on. This will lead to difficulties for the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their use on the battlefields.

Pressure on Germany

Photos and videos are circulating on the web showing how an Abrams tank cannot climb a slight slope that is covered in snow. But this is no proof of Mr. Klinzewitz’s claims. The Russian tanks, which are lighter than the American Abrams, got stuck in the mud on the Russian-Ukrainian border in December. Then a tractor had to pull them out one by one.

The US is putting pressure on Germany to allow the delivery of Leopards to Ukraine. They have the support of several European countries that are ready to part with part of their Leopards. However, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz countered the White House’s pleas and said he would send Leopards to Ukraine when the US sent Abrams as well.


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