AFU: US is sending A-10, F-16 or F-18 fighter jets to Ukraine

KYIV, UKRAINE — According to information distributed on the network, the USA has decided which planes to send to Ukraine. Several Twitter accounts as well as the website are writing about it.

A-10 Warthog ground attack jets to be retired may end up in Ukraine
Photo credit: USAF / Staff Sgt. Justin Parsons

Both sources quote Colonel Yuri Ignat. He is the spokesman of the Air Force of Ukraine. According to him, the USA has already decided what type of aircraft to donate to Ukraine. He says this topic has never been forgotten and has always been on the agenda. Yuriy Igna repeated that Ukrainian pilots are trained in the USA. The latter statement is true as both we and several international media confirmed this news in the middle of last year.

32 retired F-16 Fighter Falcons found a new operator in the Balkans
Photo credit: Wikipedia writes that Colonel Ignat said: “Our military pilots traveled to the United States, funds were allocated for the training of our pilots … That is, the aviation topic has never left the agenda. The type of aircraft that is likely to be provided to Ukraine, and the corresponding terms for the training of personnel have already been determined.” goes on to quote the Ukrainian Air Force spokesman: “This is an extremely important component that cannot be dispensed with. That is why this process is not as simple as preparing the infrastructure – here, too, the Ministry of Infrastructure will join in preparing the infrastructure of our military airfields to receive such equipment. Every effort is being made to make our dream of switching to this aircraft come true as soon as possible.”

US is working on next-gen missiles to deal with evolving ground threats
Photo credit: The Drive

Possible delivery options are being commented on in social media. According to some, one of the three options for the delivery of aircraft is the A10, F-16 and F-18. recalls that Ukrainian pilots were recorded on video by an American media training on simulators for A-10.

Last year the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that Kyiv needs, first of all, a multifunctional combat aircraft capable of using weapons against both air and ground targets. Thus, the spokesman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Yuriy Ignat, in a comment for Ukrainian Truths, appreciated the idea of ​​enthusiasts regarding the possible replenishment of the fleet of tactical aviation with American attack aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt II.

“In particular, these are American F-16, F-15, or F-18 multi-role fighters with certain modifications or their European counterparts,” said the representative of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

News from allies on the subject of “Ukraine” is arriving today, January 24, continuously. Since the last hours, it has become clear that Berlin has given permission for the delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. This means that both the European operators of this tank and Germany will donate Leopard 2 tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

US M1A1 Abrams might get 'hunter-kill' anti-helicopter sensors
Photo: Wikipedia

Also, since the last few hours, there has been a lot of talk that Washington has agreed to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine. According to Sky News Arabia, there are 10 tanks, citing a White House source. Sky News Arabia even claimed that Germany agreed to allow Leopards to be sent to Ukraine after they agreed with the US to send Abrams tanks.


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