‘Korean’ Bradley BFVs and Patriots for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

WASHINGTON, US — The US Department of Defense has asked US forces in Korea to supply equipment and ammunition to the Ukrainian armed forces. These can be e.g. Patriot systems and Bradley vehicles.

US received newest Bradley M2A4 with 25mm cannon and TOW ATM
Photo credit: Twitter

“There will be no impact on our operations and our ability to deliver on our ironclad commitment to defend our ally, the Republic of Korea,” USFK spokesman Col. Isaac Taylor said.

The American contingent in the Republic of Korea, i.e. US Force Korea, is over 28.5 thousand people. They are permanently stationed in this country. These include a mechanized brigade, an artillery brigade, a reactive artillery brigade, and an air defense brigade.

US Force Korea is equipped with M1A2SEPv2 Abrams tanks, M2A2/A3/A4 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, M109A6 self-propelled howitzers, and M270A1 MLRS rocket systems. Air defense units are armed with M902 Patriot systems and Avenger short-range mobile systems. Some equipment may not come from active units, but from equipment bases.

Supplies of equipment and ammunition should be part of the announced aid to Ukraine and at the same time will not significantly reduce US operational capabilities in this part of Asia. Allied commitments to Seoul are very important to Washington.

Ukraine has already received an unspecified amount of ammunition from US warehouses in Korea. This is a rather complicated situation, since Seoul itself has a policy of not supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons, and at the same time heavily relies on the alliance with the United States as a factor in stabilizing the situation on the peninsula.

On the other hand, South Korea has tried to avoid antagonizing Russia, both for economic reasons and because of the influence Moscow could have on North Korea.

This complicates the situation a little because on the one hand, the Republic of Korea has a significant production capacity in the field of weapons and ammunition, and on the other hand, it does not want to supply them to the parties to the conflict.

The Pentagon and the State Department said last November that they were in talks with South Korea to buy artillery shells to be sent to Ukraine. Seoul insisted that the end user of the munitions be only the US.


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