Poland gives Ukraine Soviet 57mm S-60 anti-aircraft artillery

WARSAW, POLAND — Eight countries issued a joint declaration known as the Tallinn Declaration. These are Great Britain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, and Slovakia. The Tallinn Declaration contains information about the package of Polish military aid to Ukraine, which is supposed to include S-60 anti-aircraft guns in an unspecified version, along with an ammunition package of 70,000 rounds.

Poland gives Ukraine Soviet 57mm S-60 anti-aircraft artillery
Photo by Anna Sech

It is not known which variant will be transferred to Ukraine and how many guns will be handed over, whether they will be non-modernized units from the Military Property Agency, which may still have quite significant quantities of this artillery anti-aircraft system, or whether they are already modernized S -60MB from the US Polish Fleet.

Those still in use by the Polish Army have been modernized by integrating them with the new Blenda automated fire control system. In the future, they were supposed to be replaced by anti-aircraft guns acquired in the Notec program, but this problem has not yet been solved.

The S-60 is a Soviet 57 mm anti-aircraft gun deployed in the Soviet Army in 1950, which became the primary anti-aircraft artillery system of the Warsaw Pact along with the ZU-23 guns. The basic version has a range of 4,000 meters, and the radar-equipped version has a range of 6 km. This allows you to eliminate targets much further than the aforementioned ZU-23 with a maximum range of 2500 m.

Currently, its role is limited to eliminating slow-flying targets such as drones or helicopters. Armor-piercing projectiles fired from the S-60 can penetrate the equivalent of about 100 mm RHA at a distance of 1,000 meters, meaning they are capable of penetrating the armor of any Russian infantry fighting vehicle or wheeled armored personnel carrier. It is also possible to penetrate the side or rear armor of an MBT such as a T-72 or T-80.


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