Monthly Russia produces more shells than US produces 155mm shells

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — From February 24, 2022, to today, the question is whether the two warring parties have enough ammunition. Ukraine receives supplies from its Western partners. Russia largely relies on its own production. Excluding the supply of kamikaze drones from Iran and missiles from North Korea and Iran, Moscow manufactures all of its artillery shells.

Russia monthly produces more shells than US produces 155mm shells
Photo credit: Konstantin Mihaylchevkiy

Russia is persecuted by the most severe sanctions in bilateral relations along the Moscow-West axis. The access of Russian productions to Western technologies and components was gradually terminated. The shortage of chips and integrated circuits and assemblies was felt the most. The military budget is entirely focused on the war in Ukraine. New developments have almost stopped.

However, Russia shows no signs of running out of ammunition. Continues to fire rockets, and continues to hold artillery positions. All this once again brings to the fore the question: does the West know what the stockpiles of the Russian armed forces are and does the West know the scale of Russian military production?

An unnamed source told RIA Novosti that Russia will never have a shortage of ammunition. The country produces multiple large-caliber artillery shells. “There is no shortage of projectiles in the Russian army and it is not expected, including taking into account the available ammunition. The Russian monthly volume of production of the entire range of large-caliber projectiles many times exceeds the same indicator for the production of 155-mm projectiles in the USA,” said the interlocutor of the agency.

There are signals

Although the name of the source is not disclosed and such claims are difficult to prove, Moscow gives similar signals. Kalashnikov, for example, has increased its production by 40 percent in 2022. This is a 20-year record, announced by the Russian conglomerate. Kalashnikov produces not only small arms but also ammunition.

The US also notices that despite the sanctions, Russia continues to produce ammunition and missiles. The New York Times writes that Russia can produce cruise missiles, despite sanctions. The Pentagon also gives an account of the expiration year 2022. The US military department noted that the Russian armed forces 2022 fired thousands of long-range cruise missiles and projectiles into Ukraine. The Pentagon to this day cannot answer how many weapons the Russian army has in its arsenal. recalls that in mid-October 2022, a report was released to the US Congress. It says that Western radars are currently unable to track Russian hypersonic missiles. The US and Western countries are working in this direction, intending to intercept a Russian hypersonic missile in its late flight stage.

New batch of eight 'naked' T-90 tanks is on its way to Ukraine
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Signals that Russia was preparing for a much longer war in Ukraine came in September last year. Then Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin issued an order to increase military production. The order came with an order to increase working hours, but also to shorten the deadlines for the production of weapons.

Increased production

During the last three months of 2022, all the media around the world watched this increased production. Fighters Su-30, Su-34, and Su-35 began to gradually come off the production lines fulfilling the annual plans. Su-57 production continues, it has even been increased with new production facilities. There are new production capacities in the largest heavy construction plants, which deliver new or refurbished T-72, T-80, and T-90M tanks almost every other week.

It turns out that there is production and material, but there is a shortage of human resources. Recently, published that UralVagonZavod, the largest tank manufacturer, is looking for new workers to work full shifts. There are Western reports that Russia is using prisoners in some not-so-high-tech military production.

By all accounts, despite the sanctions, the Russian arms industry continues to support Putin’s war in Ukraine on its own. How long this will last – no one knows at this stage. But it seems that Russia’s production, at least at this stage and at least with these sanctions, can hardly be stopped.


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